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no video after new power supply

By warrenclawson ·
i replaced my power supply on my p.c. and now have no monitor, i tried another monitor and still nothing, it has power put no picture, could i have damaged my video card by bumping it, are they fragile i removed the card and reinstalled it all the connection seem secure.

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by TheChas In reply to no video after new power ...

Are you sure the computer is powering up?

Next, check the voltage switch on the new power supply to make sure it is set correctly.

Depending on your system, you may need to plug in an additional 4 pin power connector on the motherboard.

Finally, why did you change power supplies in the first place?

If your old power supply was bad, it might have damaged the motherboard.


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by mjd420nova In reply to no video after new power ...

Depending on the way the system is setup, if it has a hot key for power on or not could make the diffence. The new power supply may ahve that function and you need to look at that. Upon power up, I like to have the monitor on and warmed up first, you should see the video BIOS first and it's memory test, the cpu Bios, and memory test, the keyboard flash it's lights, and then floppy drive and hard drive sense, in that order. If you get no display at all, the P/S maybe the fault, or may have caused the video card to fail. Try another slot for the card, closer to the edge whaere the P/S plugs in.

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by Bork Blatt In reply to no video after new power ...

Do you get one short beep from your PC when you switch it on? Or do you get two short beeps or some other combination?

Two short beeps usually means something wrong with display card, or Monitor not plugged into display card.

Silly question, but do both test monitors work when plugged into known working PC? If so I would say your screen card or motherboard got damaged in some way.

If you get one short beep (i.e. the computer Power On Self Test was successful) I would check the connection between monitors and PC. Did you use the same cable to plug in each monitor? Try another cable.

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by blake_skates1 In reply to

I am having this error right now.
Few days ago i decided my psu was finally shot.
"hence not powering up"
went and bought new psu installed it.
computer powers up yet nothing.
i went and hooked it all up seemed to be fine. then got a random freeze @ loading from cd screen.
i reset and nothing.
My computer use to make one short beep as it power'd up
"power up beep" im assuming. it now does not beep nor do not get any moniter reaction. ive tried countless moniters i've rewired countless times and cleaned gfx card slot out and still nothing.

possible overload / shortout?

also if my main board was damaged why would it of booted up with a display screen when i first booted it after psu change?


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