No Video in Media Player only Audio

By lab99a ·
I ran a registry cleaning program recently and afterward my system as a bit eratic so someting was deleted that shoudln't have been.

I upadated all of my system drivers and reinstalled SP2 now when I try and open a video file (wmv, mpg, avi, etc) in Media Player(MS) or the ATI Player I can hear the audio but there is no video, just a black screen. I can play the video in the Quicktime player but no other.

I have checked all the installed codecs with Sherlock and all seem to be there and functioning properly. Also something changed all the video file types to undefined. I redefined them in file types but still do not have any video. I also reinstalled Media Player 11

Anyone have any ideas?

System is P4 3.0 GHz 1 GIG Ram ATI All in wonder 9600 video card running Windows XP Pro.

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Found My Own Answer

by lab99a In reply to No Video in Media Player ...

No one responded to this question but I solved the problem myself so thought I would relay the solution to any readers who may be interested.

The problem was the ATI software. I uninstalled all ATI software (drivers, control center, etc.) and reinstalled them individually instead of from the integrated package containing everything. After each installation I tested the video and it worked until I installed the ATI Catlyst Control Center. When I installed CCC I let it run the express setup. I uninstalled it again and on reinstall ran the custom setup making the system adjustments manually and this solved my problem.

The version of CCC installed that caused the problem was 2007.0322.2238.38535. Hope this helps anyone with simular problems.

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Thanks, I found an easier fix

by newkenbo In reply to Found My Own Answer

I had the exact same problem. Thanks to you I knew where to look. I opened the CCC went to Video - Video Basics. Video Presets was set to Custom. I just changed it to Home and everything works again. Didn't have to reinstall or anything.

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Easier fix also worked for me

by jgardn2002 In reply to Thanks, I found an easier ...

I recently had the same problem - no video, just audio. This was true for mpeg, asf, divx, xvid, h.264, avi - didn't matter. I had recently installed StaxRip to make H.264 video and thought that it corrupted my other codecs, but I couldn't find a way to fix it. After searching online, I found newkenbo's fix. I thought, "Surely, it can't be that easy" - it was! Why is this CCC causing this problem? it works - thanks newkenbo

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This easier fix worked for me as well

by jumpsuit1938 In reply to Thanks, I found an easier ...

Thanks Newkenbo and Lab99a for your help in a problem that was definitely not easy to solve.
I was beginning to believe in Voodo and my computer was hexed. In any event thanks again for helping to lift the hex.

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Nothing worked

by enasic In reply to This easier fix worked fo ...

Hey guys, I've had this same problem and nothing is working. I've posted on other message boards and nobody can seem to find the problem. I have audio, but no video in WMP, GOM Player, or a number of other video players I downloaded. The ONLY player that will work is Windows Media Center. I tried going into CCC and switching to 'home' That didn't work. I tried downloading every codec imaginable. That didn't work. WMP is up to date. This has been driving me crazy for a few weeks now. WMP won't play .mov, .wmv, .avi, or any other type of video file. All I get is a blank screen and audio. Please, somebody out there tell me they know what's going on. Thank you!

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Your Quick Fix worked for me as well

by jumpsuit1938 In reply to Thanks, I found an easier ...

Thanks for a simple solution to a problem that was really hard to solve for me.

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by synnoveaevael In reply to Thanks, I found an easier ...

This problem has literally been driving me crazy for days. A friend tried a different "google-fu" and found this thread, which in TWO CLICKS fixed my entire issue.

Thank you so much!!!!!

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What is CCC?

by tonymil In reply to Thanks, I found an easier ...

I should probably knonw this... but what is the ccc? I'm having the same problem with media player 11. Thanks.

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CCC ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to What is CCC?
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I have no CCC. Then what?

by akabbob In reply to CCC ...

I've been having this problem too.
I've looked for CCC from right-clicking on my desktop and control panel>display>settings> advanced. its nowhere to be found. I believe CCC software is for ATI graphics cards (correct?). I don't think I have an ATI graphics cards. I've got a toshiba portege m405 8003 which i'm not sure what grpahics card it is.
Really appreciate some help. thanks

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