No Video output from my self-built pc - out of ideas

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So I built my pc into my new case, the Fractal Meshify C, today. It turns on and the light and ventilators of my GPU turn on. However, I get the classic "HDMI no signal detected" error from my monitor. It's not my GPU's fault, I tried it with my old GTX770 and that doesn't work either. The weird thing is that not even my onboard-hdmi slot seems to be sending any output, same error there. I've tried every solution I could find during the day, but none worked and I'm out of ideas. I tried unplugging all cables and hard reset the pc multiple times, I tried using other HDMI cables and restarting the monitor. Any other ideas? I might just try using another power supply and see if that works.

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Well knowing if this is a new build or not would help

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to No Video output from my s ...

But assuming that this is a new build follow the basic steps reduce the M'Board to the bare mininum and try starting it. So that means install the CPU, one RAM Module and apply power.

If you still get no video from the On Board Video Output change the RAM as it most likely is the fault not being compatable with that M'Board.

When you get it working add one component at a time and restart till either the unit is fully built or it stops working. If it stops working the last component you added is the issue and needs sorting.

If this is a old build the first item to look at is the Power Supply I've lost track of times that a suposely working Power Supply is faulty and needs replacing.

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Check the VGA port

by mjd420nova In reply to No Video output from my s ... run into this a few times nd the PC will only output video to the onboard VGA port on boot up, once the OS loads then changes can be made to select the HDMI port or plugin card HDMI port.

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