No video output no matter what I do

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Not sure if this site is the right place.
I got a new motherboard and a new cpu recently. For whatever reason, there is no video output on either the graphics card or the on-board motherboard video.
I changed the HDMI cable, ive changed the monitor, I used the graphics card in a different PCIe slot. I've cleaned the ram, the ram slots, I even changed the power supply cord. I spoke to a friend who is a computer engineer, and I also spoke to a Geek Squad member at a Best Buy and they were both dumbfounded. I'm sure the RAM is compatible, I'm sure I installed the CPU correctly, I'm sure it's not an issue with the graphics card or the monitor or the HDMI cables. What else could it be?
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Check Your Drivers

by setia111 In reply to No video output no matter ...


I think their might have some problem with your drivers. Try Driver Booster 7 Pro as it automatically updates old drivers which are causing problems.

Let me know if that solves the Issue.

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Start with the Basics

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to No video output no matter ...

Reduce the unit to the Bare Minimum required to run, so plug in the Power Supply CPU and Monitor to the M'Board remove everything else and apply power.

See if it POST's and work from there. With that configuration. If you do not get any video Output remove the CPU and check both the socket and CPU Contacts as well as alignment in the socket of the CPU.

If you get Video which you should telling you that there is no RAM power down fit 1 RAM Module and apply power. Keep adding one bit at a time until it is fully assembled or stops working just remember to unplug the Power Supply before making any hardware changes as all current generation Power Supplies supply power when they are turned off.

If it is fully assembled things are OK but if it stops working before that look at the last bit you fitted as the problem and work from there.

It is possible that if you are using 2 or more RAM Modules each one will work by itself but not when both are fitted if this happens it is a timing issue with the RAM and you need to change it to a Matched Pair .

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