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By jesfer ·
This one has me....
Lately my Dell XPS has decided to selectively quit playing voices. One instance is my game Mass Effect. All the sounds of the game play normally except for the character voices. It's weird, voices from characters not actually in the game are heard, gun fire is heard, background music is good. But when the characters speak, they're muted so low so as to be not understandable. My Dell has also decided certain movies don't deserve voice sounds but all other sounds come through, put in another movie and everything is fine. This is definitely above my pay grade!

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Just Checking....

by gkiefferjfk2 In reply to No voice sound

Just Checking means just that...
Most all computers have a SOUND CONTROL software... If you can find it on your computer see what sounds your MOVIES are using [MASTER SOUND = VLC MOVIE PLAYER] vs your GAME is using [CHANNEL SOUND - Left for left voices or LOW BASS SOUNDS & Right for trebble sounds or HIGH sounds.... ]
Then it might DAWN on you that something changed your PREFERRED SOUND that you [or at the store where you bought the computer used a DEFAULT sound scheme so everything works]

YOU just might have to reset your SOUND CONTROLS a bit to get things back again...

NOW do not forget that when some movies were made.... Sometimes they are made using SURROUND SOUND which needs 4 speakers to sound nicely and you only have 2 speakers...
THUS you might have to MIX 4 into 2 speakers using your SOUND CONTROL software.
[Which your GAME was nice about CHANGING your sound controls into SURROUND SOUND to give you a more real life experience in sound listening]... [happens when playing certain types of games... BUT not all games will change your computer's sounds...

PS = You might also have to TELL your GAME to leave your computer sounds alone...
BUT then your computer game experiance won't be so life-like any more...
[USING the GAME config controls re- what sounds it can & can not use and what to change OR not to change on your computer.]

PPS = If this game has a DIRECTORY then PLEASE locate the one on your HARD DRIVE and locate the SOUNDS or CONFIG directory and you just might find a EXE [Executable program there called something like SETSOUND... Run that BEFORE you play the game and tell that software how & what it can do with your computer sounds. BUT do it only on the computer's hard drive OR any FLASH DRIVE you also have any games on.]

IF the program can only be found on the CD/DVD then you will have to use the SETSOUND program there and it will save the CONFIG to your HARD DRIVE or any FLASH DRIVES you also have the game on.

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