No wireless connection possible with WEP or WPA enabled.

By dwnelson211 ·
I can only obtain a wireless connection to a LinkSys WRT54G wireless router on a Dell laptop running Vista when WPA is disabled. I have not yet enabled MAC filtering, and a wired connection works fine with WPA enabled.

I did set up the router using the LinkSys set up wizard versus Windows' native Zero Configuration Utility. Have reset the router, but no resolve.

Does anyone have any probable resolve apart from the obvious such as incorrect pass phrase entry on laptop?

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WPA requires an encryption key.........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to No wireless connection po ...

If you don't type that key EXACTLY the way it was issued, you won't connect.

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Encryption Key.

by dwnelson211 In reply to WPA requires an encryptio ...

Yes, I'm aware of this and that's why I was very careful when entering it. I'll try reentering the encrytion key.


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This info might come in handy, though your settings might be different.

Even so, the out come is still the same.
These are the settings i have in my router though your settings will be different. But it will give you a few ideas.

Wireless Security Settings (11g)
WEP Encryption Key, select which one you want to choose. I choose to stick to: "Character Input 13 Characters (WEP 12(please put in a password), this is so you can connect to the wireless router. If you want to, you can also select the one's below, they do the similar job.
WPA-PSK (Previously Shared Key): Please choose a password for this box.

UPnP: is marked "Enable".

Network Address Translation Settings:
Address Translation is marked "Enable".

LAN Side RIP Transmission: > "rip1 and rip2".
LAN Side RIP Reception > "rip1 and rip2".

WAN Ethernet Settings:

Method of Acquiring IP Address:
Acquire an IP Address Automatically from a DHCP Server.

WAN MAC Address "Use Default MAC Address".

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
If this info is useful, please mark it helpful. Thanks

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Issue Resolved.

by dwnelson211 In reply to This info might come in h ...

Thank you for sharing your settings; all was very helpful!

The resolve to my issue involved both settings and WLAN configuration in Vista.

Thanks again!

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No problem. :)

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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Small Network issue; Vista machine accessing XP Pro machine.

by dwnelson211 In reply to No problem. :)

Peconet, i think you're the man that can provide the reason(s) why i can access all shared folders/files on a vista laptop from an xp pro machine, but when i attempt to access the xp pro machine from the vista machine, i get "access denied" "error 0x80070005".

i went right to the firewall, Outpost Pro 2009, used on both machines, disabled and shut down on xp machine, still no joy.

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