"no wireless networks were found in range"

By grite ·
even though my home wireless network works fine, my Sony Vaio does not detect the network. It used to work fine, but I just came back from a trip where I connected on another wireless network. Every now and then I see the message "wireless network detected, click here.." in the bottom right corner of the screen, but when I click on that or on "view available connections" I get the message "no wireless connections were found in range'. I tried hardwire connection and that doesn't work either.

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by night.lancer In reply to "no wireless networks wer ...

have you tried manually connecting to your wireless network by typeing in your SSID
also, do you have any other computers or devices in your house attached, if so,use one of them to access your wireless access point and check your settings, if the power went out in your home while you where away its possible that your settings are gone

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System is still 'locked' onto previous wireless signal ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to "no wireless networks wer ...

Via your wireless icon, right click on it and select 'View Available Wireless Networks'.

In the left hand column there should be an 'Advanced' selector, click on it.

You can either move your home wireless access point UP the list of wireless signals, or you can disable the option that the system ALWAYS USES the signal that at present it cannot find.

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Click the " View available Wireless networks" Multiple times

by salim In reply to System is still 'locked' ...

It depends on types of wireless card installed. Some times, Clicking the View available Wireless networks" Multiple times solve your problem.
Make sure you have selected " Let windows manage my wireless network" in wireless properties. If not then It will not show any wireless networks available.

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