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Nobel Peace Gift shows once again it is meaningless

By jdclyde ·

"The stunning choice made Obama the third sitting U.S. president to win the Nobel Peace Prize and shocked Nobel observers because Obama took office less than two weeks before the Feb. 1 nomination deadline."

Two weeks into his term and he had already made the list. Either there is no one in the world worthy of this honor so they just looked for someone to gift it with, or it is no honor at all.

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Ghandi never won

by JamesRL In reply to Nobel Peace Gift shows on ...

Despite 4 nominations.

I would hope that Obama someday actually does something to earn a peace prize, but even the biggest optimist would have to admit all he has time to do at this point is talk, and if the prize goes to intentions instead of actions, then millions of people would get it.


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now THAT doesn't make sense

by Oz_Media In reply to Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi definitely deserved the NPP, can they award it posthumously?

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Poshumous award, Dag Hammarskj?

by Oreamnos_americanus In reply to now THAT doesn't make sen ...

They changed their minds later and awarded it to Dag Hammarskj?ld posthumously in 1961. Since then thay have returned to the policy of only allowing living recipients.

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A Black American President and no civil war.

by 1bn0 In reply to Nobel Peace Gift shows on ...

Just what kind of accomplishment do you think merits this Nobel prize?

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IF we follow your "logic"

by jdclyde In reply to A Black American Presiden ...

then it would be the American people that voted for him that should get the award, not Obama.

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Good Point!

by DMambo In reply to IF we follow your "logic"

Assuming that 60 million of us voted for him, then I want my $0.02 share of the prize.

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But following the 'logic',

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Good Point!

The money should be split between those who DIDN'T vote for him. They're the ones who didn't rise up.

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get real

by Oz_Media In reply to Good Point!

And for every test rat and test human that tries a drug that leads some scientist to the NPP they should all get a cut too.

You only voted for him because he worked hard and earned himself a position where you were ABLE to vote for him. You didn't educate him and help him througgh his career.

When yuo get a promotion and raise at work do you share it with everyone who helped you get promoted?

That JD can sure twist some people's train of thought into complete nonsense sometimes.

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Logic in that

by Oz_Media In reply to Good Point!

Or lack thereof: As I said already, if on the basis of values, that would also mean anyone who has ever worked with you and seen you get promoted is thus entitled to a cut of yoru paycheck. Why aren't the American people wanting a cut of Obama's paycheck, you voted for him, but if he wins an award for his vision and comittment to his nation and the world as a whole, then he should share it.

Of course, the cost of allocation to your national budget would supercede the 2 cents per person that would get it, nobody woul deven notice it and you would continue to slide in recession, but that's okay, you got your two cents and were validated. YOU would also ***** and moan aout Obama sending everyone two cents at a cost of 35 cents per envelope and use THAT to attack Obama.

Seriously, if he came forward and said he'd arrange to send every American 2 cents for supporting him, JD would be here faster than sh*t through a goose saying how Obama is wasting tax payers money. He doesn't even read the articles he flames, just the headlines oviously, and on follow the anti-left sheeple.

Now the tricky part; as Obama is donating those funds to charity, do you need to fork out more dough and hold a national election to see who is willing to let their 2 cents be spent on their behalf by Obama and given to charity. Or are you going to whine that you were never personally consulted and that he has no right alloocating your money for you?

Some Americans can be so bloody stupid sometimes. No wonder people around the globe see Americans as uneducated, idiots.

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