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Nobody's mentioned phone hacking by British tabloid.

By CharlieSpencer ·
Hard to believe I'm the first member to address this topic. Am I the only one interested in this privacy / security issue? I thought a subject involving phone hacking, privacy violations for profit, potential media mergers, and (of course) Rupert Murdock, would have raised a few eyebrows around here. Did I just miss the discussion?

If you don't know what I'm talking about, pick a link:

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Well Pally SLAP

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Nobody's mentioned phone ...

No not at all but I have mentioned it in relation to Cloud Computing and just how unbelievable it is to believe that when willingly handing over control of your Data its going to be safe and secure a couple of times recently.

Personally I feel that the entire thing that we know so far is just the tip of the Iceberg and even then what News of the World did will only be a tiny prick of the entire thing.

I personally find it impossible to believe that News Corp was the only Business involved in this supposedly Impossible thing to do and I think we'll eventually find that its a very widespread occurrence being practised by many companies for their own benefit. And that the Police will consider that as it is so widespread its not really a Crime any more.

After all you can investigate only so much and if they are required to investigate every possible instance of this they will not have enough staff to do anything else and will be at least several decades behind the current events of Today very quickly. You can only investigate Crime when its not widespread and common practice with the bulk of the community.

Just my 2 cents though and more importantly whats it mean for Cloud Computing and who is currently offering Insurance for the Cloud Users to protect them Finically when their data gets comprised? No mention of the cost which is a Must Have so Insurance companies will either make a Killing or not offer any Insurance for this as its too much of a Profit Looser for them. Personally I would go with the latter.


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A couple of things interest me.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Well Pally [u]SLAP[/u]

One of the aspects that I find interesting is how much we've discussed potential violations of electronic privacy by ISPs and social media providers to resell. This is a business hijacking personal data for profit, but not via resell. It's profiting by exploiting the data itself, either via direct publication or as a lead to other stories for publication.

Another interesting aspect is that this is a being done by a traditional tabloid publishing company, a business model that's usually associated with clinging to a dying distribution method and not effectively utilizing the very technology it's violating.

I don't know the details of the mechanisms used. I don't know if 'NotW' was cracking the provider's storage (in which case this would be a 'cloud' issue) or if they were connecting to the data stored on the phones themselves (which would be probably be an OS or app weakness).

Incidentally, a new hole in iPhones and iPads was announced yesterday, related to the ability to use a malware .PDF to allow a third-party access to your locally stored data.

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Well my understanding it's like this

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to A couple of things intere ...

They ring the phone number leave a Voice Message and then Immediately ring back and it hits the system that records/processes the Voice Message.

Actually it's a bit of both it hits the Cloud and then retrieves data from the Phone.

This can be done on all phones with Voice Mail and is something that we where never told about when these things became available. We where under the impression that they where Safe and our conversations would be private.

Well with Analog all that was required was a Scanner and so when they moved to Digital Technology not for security but because it allowed more people to use the same Bandwidth that possibility for breaking in was lost. But when both of these technologies was introduced we where assured that the Conversations we had on them would be Safe and Secure.

Apparently NotW was supposed to have got the idea from school kids who where hacking each others Voice Mail Accounts in the school yard during Recess. I don???t know if that it actually true or not but if it???s true it makes it even less likely that what is being claimed to be a Limited little used Security Hole in the system is a very unlikely thing to be correct.

At the very least there are some Private Investigators who appear to be doing this for Personal Gain and I very much doubt that this practice is restricted tot he UK.


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"tiny prick"

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Well Pally [u]SLAP[/u]

Rupert has a name, you know

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Yes I know

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to "tiny prick"

But I don't like using it because it encourages him.


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Old school hack

by JamesRL In reply to Nobody's mentioned phone ...

When I was with a telecom equipment provider, I became aware of similar hacks.

Its really old school, understand that there may be a default password, try it, or try a few others.

Mobile providers in Canada force you to change your default password the first time your voicemail is used.

I'm glad to see the News of the World died, and one of the principles arrested (but not yet charged).

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