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Nodejs or Php

By john44550 ·
For backend web development,which one is more suitable for server side programming.Node.js or Php?

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NodeJS or PHP

by hannafrenk In reply to Nodejs or Php

Its totally up to you and your requirements. Here i am sharing some pros and cons of both, you can take decision on that.

Node.js Pros
1. Fast Server-Side Solution
2. One Language Across the Stack
3. Flexibility

Node.js Cons
1. Less Efficient in Handling CPU-intensive Applications
2. Lack of Maturity

PHP Pros
1. Rich Code Base
2. Portable Solution
3. Designed for the Web

PHP Cons
1. Inefficient Separation of Concerns (SoC)
2. Outdated Client-Server Model

As you have seen, both Node.js and PHP have their good and bad parts. If so, how do we make the right choice? It’s possible if we leverage our knowledge of both environment’s architectures and ecosystems.

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NodeJS or PHP

by kalpeshjuthani456 In reply to NodeJS or PHP

Thanks for your answer. It will be helpful to me.

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Laravel and Node.js

by joneeeeeslola In reply to Nodejs or Php

Hello. I'm learning programming languages. I was studying Laravel - this is a PHP framework. And I was studying Node.js. I liked Laravel more. I didn't study PHP, but Laravel is based on PHP. I also study writing. I'm helped by the site - Paperial.com which proposes to do my essay. I hope I learn programming as well as the writing. If you can, then recommend me sites with which I can learn the PHP.

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Nodejs or Php

by dbcomp In reply to Nodejs or Php

The performance of Zend PHP is less than half of Node.js. The performance of HHVM is about 74% better than Zend PHP. The performance of HHVM is very close to Node.js, but Node.js is still about 17% faster.

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Difference between PHP and Node JS

by ongraph In reply to Nodejs or Php

PHP and Node JS both are used for server-side development. That's the reason they have become a competitor of each other. The difference between the two is that of extension. PHP being a server-side scripting language, it can also be used as a general-purpose scripting language. Usually, PHP files have an extension of .php, but they can also contain CSS, HTML, and even plain text. Node JS is built on JavaScript Engine(V. It helps in designing fast and scalable applications. Node JS files have an extension of .js and only contains javascript.

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Nodejs or Php

by dbcomp In reply to Nodejs or Php

Most Popular Programming, Scripting and Markup Languages . PHP is an interpreted server-side programing language for web development . Node.js makes JavaScript suitable for server-side development. One of the main Node.js advantages over PHP is multi threading.

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My view on Node.js VS PHP

by sagarleo1 In reply to Nodejs or Php

Before we jump on to the battle of Node.js Vs PHP, firstly we need to understand why this has been a talk for a while now in the developers community, specially for the back-end developers.

As an technologist and entrepreneur one things which always fascinates me is the CHANGE.

Developer has to always adapt the technology based on the market need, so it is not about the battle between the technologies it is more about the choices we make to make the life of the end user who is going to use our technology better .

As far as future is concerned yes Node.js is a way to go as far as knowledge base (code base), community support is concerned PHP still has the edge.

So developers make your conscious choice which technologies fairs better for you and for your client and make wise decisions because ultimately end product matters the most .

Consumer is king and so technology should facilitate it. PHP is here to stay and is going nowhere and Node.js is definitely the future.

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Nodejs or Php

by Joneonau In reply to Nodejs or Php

Both PHP and Node.js can manage web applications of any complexity, but they are built with different architectures and concepts. If you want to develop an app for your company and are confused between these two environments, you should be well aware of the major limitations or advantages.

These programming languages are good and it finally comes to the decision of the businesses on which platform they want to develop their website. If you want a good database integration than PHP is an ideal choice for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for designing interactive user interfaces than you should go for Node.JS. Therefore, it ultimately comes down to businesses preference and requirements of their project.

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by emilliesantana In reply to Nodejs or Php

Hi. I'm getting the hang of programming dialects. I was considering Laravel - this is a PHP structure. Furthermore, I was considering Node.js. I loved Laravel more. I didn't examine PHP, however Laravel depends on PHP. I trust I get the hang of programming just as the composition. On the off chance that you can, at that point suggest me destinations with which I can become familiar with the PHP.

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