Noise due to long phone line

By danone_beri ·
I wonder if any of you can help me with a problem I am having with my ADSL modem.
At the moment my modem works fine but the problem is it is making a high pitched noise.
I have pin pointed the problem by unplugging the wires one at a time.
It seems when I plug in the phone line into the modem, the modem starts making the noise. I should tell you that my phone line is 15 metres long.
15 metres from the modem to the phone socket. It can not be any shorter as the computer is in my room . I have called the electrician and he said it will be almost impossible to install another phone line in my house as the setup of my house is no good for another phone socket.
It is a D link 502 T
Is there an attachment I can buy or any thing I can do to get rid of this noise?

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Have you plugged in the Filter?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Noise due to long phone l ...

There is a filter that goes between the Socket and Modem/Phone Line if you plug in the Low Pass Filter the wrong way you'll get noise on the ADSL Modem.

These should be fairly self evident as to how they work there should be 2 outlets on it one saying Modem & the other saying Phone. If you plug them in the wrong way you'll get this problem or if you don't use the Low Pass Filter it will give the same problem.


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POTS Splitter

by TheChas In reply to Have you plugged in the F ...

As Hal posted, it does sound like you are not properly using your DSL filters.

When the DSL signal is active, a high pitched noise should be heard on the phone line. This is "normal" as the DSL carrier is what you hear.

I STRONGLY recommend for ANY DSL installation using what is referred to as a P.O.T.S. (plain old telephone system) splitter.

You install the splitter as close as possible to where the phone line enters the building.

Connect the phone lines to the filtered output and the DSL modem to the direct or data line.

Problem solved.


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thanks for your help

by danone_beri In reply to POTS Splitter

thanks for all your help.

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