Noise filtering for USB gear.

By Ellis_T ·
I use a variety of different audio apps to record, burn, and play everything from a blogtalkradio audio file to midi music.

Some of the gear I use is USB gear and, in my headphones or thru the speakers, I'm geting a variety of noise patterns.

Some are quite regular. Some are intermittent. Some are triggered by such events as scrolling on a Web page.

The problem is that they intrude on my recordings and I need to find the best way to filter them out. I've analyzed the frequency ranges and can do a certain amount of filtering with equalization or low, hi, and band pass filters. And, my main voice recording has a built-in component to filter the noise. But it's still not effective.

Is there any hardware solution? Some kind of physical filter that I can connect between the USB male and female connectors that can do this for me?

Thanks, gang!


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Disable, Disable, Don't

by TheChas In reply to Noise filtering for USB g ...

The first thing to note is that ANY analog signal you are recording is converted to digital data before the data makes it to the USB cable.

Next, as most recording these days is 95% software and 5% hardware, the source of the noise is interruptions of the digital processing more than it is analog noise.

The best way to reduce noise when recording digitally is to do NOTHING else with the PC while recording.

Disable ALL sound events.
Disable your screen saver.
Disconnect from any network.
Close as many back ground tasks as possible.
Do not open any other application other than the recording software.

Perhaps most important is to not connect ANY other USB device to the system while recording.

You may also be able to get some improvement by using a faster multi-core processor with the maximum amount of RAM you can install.


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You should be able to get a improvement by

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Noise filtering for USB g ...

Changing the Analog to Digital Converters so here that means a much better Sound Card that the ones that come fitted to the M'Boards they are at best atrocious for any decent recording/playback.

You'll may also consider a better Power Supply to clean up any spikes and so on that are produced by the mains or the Power Supply itself as it converts the AC Power into a DC Current to run the computer. If the PS doesn't have sufficient Capacitance it can be Noisy and produce noise on anything being done with the system. This tends to get more noticeable the more load that is placed on the system so it is one thing to look for.

As the Chas has said the more that you do when you are recording the more likely the system is to produce noise so do as little as possible.

When it comes to USB Devices always connect them with Gold Plated Plugs on Shielded USB Leads and that will help to minimize any noise produced or picked up by the cables.

OH and use a decent set of Speakers don't rely on the cheap crappy ones that are supplied with computers as they do color the sounds that they produce and are not designed to reproduce the same frequencies that are fed to them.


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If you intend online surfing while recording audio ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Noise filtering for USB g ...

Do all your internet stuff on a 2nd computer that has a live hookup to the internet.

The computer that you are using for the audio recording should NOT be on the internet, the Net connection should be disabled, any LAN connection should also be disabled, and the only USB hookups should be any audio inputs that are required.

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Dress up your cables

by mjd420nova In reply to Noise filtering for USB g ...

Seperating the audio and data cables inside the case can go a long ways in eliminating strange and spurious sounds on the output from audio ports. Keeping power cables to hard drives and video cards away from other cables will help to get rid of strange clicks and pops.

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