Noise Reducing Server Rack Taller than 25U?

By ken ·
My company manufacturers a line of server racks that reduce noise, but the tallest we have is 25U.

We receive an occasional inquiry for a noise reducing rack taller than 25U (usually full height of 42U or 45U), but we are not sure how much interest there would be.

Does your company or any companies you know put more than 25U of equipment close enough to people (employees, customers, patients, etc.) to where a 42U or 45U rack that reduces noise would be needed?



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I would say.....

by ---TK--- In reply to Noise Reducing Server Rac ...

75%-85% of our racks are 42u high... I have yet to see any higher than that. The rest of the racks are 25u... None of them are noise reducing.

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My opinion is that....

by robo_dev In reply to Noise Reducing Server Rac ...

With servers and switches getting smaller and smaller, it's unusual to need a tall rack on the edge of the network.

Why not make your 25U racks stackable or modular such that you could bolt another 20U on top of the smaller 25U rack?

(You can send me the royalty check later)

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Great Idea....

by ---TK--- In reply to My opinion is that....

That would be a great selling point!

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I accept paypal....

by robo_dev In reply to Great Idea....

or Gold.

My other brilliant idea is that the rack side panels should be usable as rack shelves....

Right now I have like six unused full-size server cabinets, but I gotta go BUY rack shelves.

If they made the side/top/bottom panels interchangeable, then I could cannibalize old racks for shelves.

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Server Rack Side Panels become Rackmount Shelves

by ken In reply to I accept paypal....

Interesting if nothing else, server rack side panel used as rackmount shelf, I am not sure. Is there a big need to cannibalize old server racks? I would have thought more people scale up instead of down, tell me your thoughts?


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Well, making parts interchangeable makes it cheaper.

by robo_dev In reply to Server Rack Side Panels b ...

So if the rack top panel, side panels, and shelves were all the same metal stamping, this would reduce the parts count.

Plus old racks could be cannibalized for rack shelves. Similarly, if you gang racks together, you get four or six extra rack shelves from the (former) side panels.

Maybe a crazy idea, but.....

I only say this because I have a storage unit of various used server racks that are for sale.

One rack has a front door, but no back door (not interchangeable), and one rack has sides that will not fit any other every rack buyer has asked to buy shelves.

If the rack rails are a standard 19" width, why not make the side panel mounts standard? Make the side panels the same stamping as the shelves, make the top the same stamping as a rack shelf, and make front/rear door mounts all standard.

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