noisy cpu fan

By bobbielee2010 ·
How can I quiet an intel FO9A-128451-D4AC1H2 20A CPU fan. When it warms it get very loud...

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Is it clean?

by seanferd In reply to noisy cpu fan

If it is dusty, **** it out with a can of compressed air. Disconnect the power lead from the board first, and/or do not allow the fan to spin while you **** it out.

Is it old? It may have be unbalanced due to wear.

If it is simply noisy due to spinning up to maximum revs from heat, make sure your system is well ventilated - no obstructions around the case, good airflow, away from other sources of heat. Make sure the case fans are working properly. Make sure there is no dust build up inside the case.

Otherwise, not much you can do but get a better CPU fan.

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And if none of that works

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Is it clean?

You can always replace the Fan & Heat Sink with a new one. It's a very simple and unless you go completely overboard a cheap thing to do.


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