Non-Admin account need to be able to log poeple off.

By evilkanevil ·
Platform: 2003 Terminal Server

Hi all

During a user session the application used for crm has a habit of hanging and stealing focus.
This stops the user from doing any 3 fingered salutes.

Even if the task manager is available, once this occurs to a user is bound to happen again very soon.

The only real solution (until we roll out to the new version of the software in question) is to completely log the user off from an administrive session.

Because this only takes a couple seconds to accomplish having our after hours staff dial in to do this seems a bit over the top....

How do I give a non admin account the ability to only log users off yet have access to any other advanced task manager functions i.e. terminating processes.

I assume some MSI is needed which i could do a front end for?


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by retro77 In reply to Non-Admin account need to ...

You can do this via DCACLS. Basically that permission isnt listed on the AD User Object security by defualt, so you have to do it behind the scenes.

A link to get you started:

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Terminal Services Configuration

by bart777 In reply to Non-Admin account need to ...

Go to this tool and open the propertiess of the RDP connection.

In here you can set the permissions for certian users and groups. Go to the advanced settings so that you can set disconnect, log off, etc for these users or groups.

Have fun

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