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    non booting toshiba p15-s470 laptop, inconsistent symptoms


    by kds1398 ·

    I was hoping that someone might have encountered a similar problem to the one I’m having with my laptop & might have some advice.

    PC Notes:
    PC is running XP sp2, BIOS is already flashed to most recent version (2.0), not getting any POST beeps,

    I have a 3 year old toshiba p15-s470 that is 2 months out of warranty. The problem started when the PC froze & I had to do a hard power down on it instead of shutting down. After the shut down it wouldn’t boot back up. When trying to power it on it does one of several things:

    1. power light comes on, but pc immediately shuts back off.
    2. splash screen comes up, but locks up there
    3. partially boots into windows & locks up during startup.
    4. Boots all the way into my desktop & immediately locks up.
    5. Power light comes on, nothing else happens, screen remains dark.

    I know this is nonsensical, however it seems that the longer I leave the laptop unplugged with the battery out the further it boots, which would make me think it is overheating, however I cleaned the heatsinks last week & the fans spin up when I power on. When leaving the power & battery out of the PC & turning it back on as part of the PC’s diagnostics check I get a CMOS checksum error as the battery has completely discharged, however I can clear this by entering BIOS setup & exiting BIOS while saving changes.

    Here are the troubleshooting steps I’ve taken to try to resolve/isolate the problem.

    1. switched out RAM chips for older, known working chips. Also tried booting with only 1 chip in each slot. No change.
    2. removed CD/DVD drive & booting. No change.
    3. removed HD & tried booting. No Change, didn’t get as far as saying HD not found.
    4. Used HD in enclosure in another PC & was able to run chkdsk & virus scan. No problems, no virus. While in other PC I can access all files on HD.
    5. Removed Wireless NIC & booted. No Change.
    6. Booted with no battery, only AC. No Change.
    7. Tried booting into windows recovery console to perform fixmbr & fixboot, however pc locks up before I can get that far.

    My thought is that its got a bad mobo, which wouldn’t be worth fixing in a 3 year old PC. I wanted to try changing the battery on the mobo, but I’m not sure if it integrated or not.

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      by kds1398 ·

      In reply to non booting toshiba p15-s470 laptop, inconsistent symptoms


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      tried running setup, then repair

      by kds1398 ·

      In reply to non booting toshiba p15-s470 laptop, inconsistent symptoms

      I was just able to boot into a windows install & select the repair option. After windows deleted what looked like 100 or so files it went to copy new ones & locked up.

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      Changing HDD

      by acaleb ·

      In reply to non booting toshiba p15-s470 laptop, inconsistent symptoms

      How did you change the HDD?
      Looks like it is a bad mobo
      I have a same issue here
      Appreciate fi you can send me the instructions for changing HDD

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      You can believe this or not…

      by smartacew0lf ·

      In reply to non booting toshiba p15-s470 laptop, inconsistent symptoms

      This resolution has come as quite the surprise to me in at least 3 different laptops of varied manufacturers. All of the 3 I speak of had similar symptoms. As a last ditch effort with each, I decided to try a known working Optical Drive replacement. This remedied the problem in all 3. What this has resulted in with my troubleshooting is that I will try that before giving up (after I have exhausted all of my other bag of tricks). I have observed one other factor they all had in common. All had Toshiba Optical Drives. Just a thought. Oh and I might add that the last 2 of which I speak were especially troublesome because I had assumed that the drive in one was good and it was initially my first choice for the “known working FRU”. At this stage of the game I couldn’t venture what else to do. Seems you have covered all the bases. If this doesn’t work, scrap it?

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