Non-Installed Windows Programs Acting Installed

By Animathecaniba ·
Off Topic: Not sure why it's saying United States next to Schenectady, NY, but *Shrug*. Even updating my account file had no luck.

On Topic:

The computer I am on is Vista (came with the PC), but my issue has also happened on XP as well.

In a Nutshell:

- Uninstalled Installed Program via Add/Remove
- Clicked on old downloaded install file
- Opens program up ready to be used as if installed
- Nowhere to be found on hard drive nor in Add/Remove
-Still works fine, but no icon to click on for Later use
-Downloading new install file with no override to old, still no luck
-Hard reboot didn't help


Long version, read below.

It has only happened to me three times in total over the 10+ years I've dealt with PCs, and all deal with media. First two times were on XP with iTunes and Winamp. The third was on here with VLC (just now with VLC).

After they were installed, at some point in the future I had to uninstall them, via updates or other means.

Anyway, after the first uninstall, I would double click on the install icon, but I wouldn't get the file directory asking me where to install, it would just open the program as if it was still installed.

Yet, when I do searches on my HDD, it's nowhere to be found. No icon to click to open at later use, not even in the control panel's Add/Remove list after I uninstalled from there.

As for the other two times, I would download the file instead of using the old one on desktop, and save it elsewhere so there was no overwrite of the old file just to be safe. Same outcome.

All three files still play the music and videos just fine, but since I couldn't install them properly, I had no icon to put on the task bar for me to open them at a later use.

I even did a hard boot, and still no luck.

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Are they portable versions of the apps?

by seanferd In reply to Non-Installed Windows Pro ...

Those don't install, you just click on them to run.

If you double click on an installer file, it should install. It should have absolutely no connection to previously installed software, whether or not that software has been uninstalled.

If there is nothing installed (check the Program Files directory), nothing will run, unless the file you are clicking on is a portable (self-contained) app.

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Not Portable Apps

by Animathecaniba In reply to Are they portable version ...

No, they are not. The install files I get are from the main sites themselves. The install file on the desktop I try first since it worked before. If that one fails, I delete it and go back to the site and download it again elsewhere on the PC, so it's a fresh install file with no override.

After I uninstall the program via Add/Remove, I click on the install file (whether and old one or a fresh from the site) and the window asks "Run" or "Cancel". I click Run to install it again, but the computer does not "compute" that it's uninstalled, it still thinks it's installed and opens the program ready to be used. Yet, the folder where it was once installed is empty (nothing in there), and Add/Remove does not have it in the list.

I can click the install file and then "Run" button to run the program all day, but that's annoying.

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FYI : The USA is NOT the extent of the known world ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Non-Installed Windows Pro ...

//Off Topic RANT:

...It never fails to amaze me how Americans, despite apparently being so proud of being Americans and flying American flags all over the bloody place (everywhere you turn there's an American flag!) and celebrating your very own '4th of July' and finishing off speeches with the immortal words "..and God Bless the United States of America!" and going to watch American Football and sitting watching American Baseball etc, etc, et al, et al, can then get annoyed because you can't have your STATE in your address line - NOT YOUR COUNTRY FOR THE REST OF THE WORLD TO SEE - JUST YOUR STATE!

Of course! - The rest of the known world SHOULD know where NY is because it's American, even although you don't want anything openly American in your address.

Very odd indeed. :^0

My address would then appear as:
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//End of RANT//

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Just feel lucky

by jdclyde In reply to FYI : The USA is NOT the ...

"We" allow you to post at all!

Dang foreigners! :^0

Picking on the dumb kid for being a dumb kid! Well, just for THAT, I am NOT going to ask about Tain (I like Taint better ;\ ), NOR am I going to ask about Ross-Shire. I don't know who "Ross" is, nor do I care why he has "a large heavy draft horse of British origin having heavily feathered legs". :)

I think we need to silence this one, before he starts talking about about the soccer matches he likes to watch....

To set the record straight, clearly you misapplied "Known". Sure, there might be documentation somewhere (for tourism's sake only) of some islands that are NOT a part of The States, but to assume they are "known" by this dumb kid...... :0

< /teasing the animals >

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by Animathecaniba In reply to FYI : The USA is NOT the ...

FYI, I'm not annoyed that it's not showing up, I was curious as to why it wasn't since in the account profile it shows it as "United States".
I figured it was just a glitch or that it takes awhile for the update to occur, either way, I just wanted it to be known where I was located.

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The user guide suggests

by Jacky Howe In reply to Non-Installed Windows Pro ...

Uninstalling VLC
Click on the Uninstall VLC icon that was created during installation


You may have to reinstall and then uninstall.

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Wish I could

by Animathecaniba In reply to The user guide suggests

As stated above in my reply to Seanferd's, the folder is completely empty. Since there is no uninstall icon, it's hard to install again to uninstall.

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two differn't steps

by bboyd@ In reply to Non-Installed Windows Pro ...

a. Use CCleaner to clean registry or your tool dejour. Then use the add/remove program function in CCleaner to remove any remaining uninstall structure. Reboot, reinstall

b. use CCCP and media player classic
much more compact and better use of cpu
does more formats.

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Sweet Thanks

by Animathecaniba In reply to two differn't steps

Love CCCP, but the CCleaner helped on the issue. Whatever was still on the computer is gone and I was able to install the program (VLC this time) with no problems. :)

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