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    Non Microsoft VPN Client


    by dtdcs ·

    I have an Adtran Router and Adtran client. Presently I can create connections to my network either with Remote Desktop or via “connect to” client in xp.

    I have no problem configuring “router” and the “vpn client”. Confient my client will will connect to client with the settings. As i understand i am making a ipsec connection to router(vpn).

    My concern is will i automatically conttinue to get windows login? or will this ipsec client have a check box to launch windows login(willl this be rdp or windows vpn) client.

    What do i have to do on server? create ipsec tunnel? any help or thought greatly appreciated.

    using windows server 2003.

    my lack of expertise here is with windows server 2003.

    i configure lots of routers for voip projects, lan to lan, extranets, etc. not much responsibility on the clients. i often use a an ipsec vpn client to hit my router then for phone systems just open a web browser and type in the address of phone system.


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