Non proprietary backup software

By babel19 ·
Can anyone recommend a non-proprietary software so i can incrementally backup about 20 of my office computers onto 1 single computer.

Ive found many kinds of softwares that do this in a proprietary format but im really not a fan of that format so am still in the hunt for one.

Im willing to pay around ?150 max if its a good one, the better/more reliable the company the better- would prefer if it wasnt anything free just incase it was something dodgy.

thanks, and any help would be really appreciated

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take a look at this list

by jck In reply to Non proprietary backup so ...

Genie-Soft looked good, but I don't know if it's exactly what you want.

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Are these windows machines?

by TonytheTiger In reply to Non proprietary backup so ...

Have you looked at NTbackup that's probably already installed?

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more help

by babel19 In reply to Are these windows machine ...

Ill look on that list, but do any of them do backups in the original format? e.g. copy my word documents in word formats instead of a single proprietary file

Ive looked at NTbackup but id prefer a different type of software, one with maybe a support team just incase of errors. The bigger the company the better, i was looking at Yosemite software but they only do proprietary unfortunately

and yes they are all windows xp machines.

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NT backup

by TonytheTiger In reply to more help

comes with Windows. Unless you did a custom install, it should already be on every machine.

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backup using single computer

by babel19 In reply to NT backup

Does NT Backup have its own support team though because thats a very important part i feel.

Also does it allow me to backup from using the single computer, i dont want to go around disturbing all the other people working and starting backups on their pcs.

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