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Non-Support of Empl. Purchased HW

By taylor.emery ·
Hi everyone - I'm a Tech Manager for a major lawfirm with over 1000 machines. We are currently refreshing our inventory and will shortly offer the old equipment to our employees. How do you best suggest I impliment a policy of non support for this equipment. There is no current way to determine if it is old hardware or new hardware until the last one is refreshed. (constant cycle as you know). We've an outsourced helpdesk so that makes it even worse. Any thoughts or suggestions welcomed!!


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BTDT, won't do it again

by Malcolm R In reply to Non-Support of Empl. Purc ...

Every time we have let employees buy old hardware, the IT staff has been overrun with requests for help no matter how often we tell the employees that the old hardware is _unsupported_.

Good luck with your project. I have a feeling you'll be getting a lot of calls and visits from your new "customers".


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3rd party?

by TheChas In reply to Non-Support of Empl. Purc ...

I have 2 ideas.

First, since this is a law firm, have a document drawn up that each purchaser must sign.

Then, show them what they signed when they request support.

To get past the problem altogether, arrange with a local PC dealer or second hand store (Goodwill?) to have them be the actual sellers of the hardware.

Arrange a period of time when the equipment will be offered exclusively, or at a discount to employees of the firm.
Then, the 3rd party can sell off the remaining equipment.

With either solution, make sure that the drives are cleaned to your satisfaction.

I would even recommend that some drives should be replaced and the original drive destroyed to prevent any recovery of sensitive data.


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They will still come to you.

by clearsmashdrop In reply to 3rd party?

My experience is they will still come to you no matter what. Then there are the brazen fools, who will demand their money back, weeks or months afterward because something was not to their liking.

I can understand if you take it home and a day or two later you change your mind or discover something is wrong. I have no problem with a refund. But months or weeks later. Tuff cookies. Of course you usually have to cave in to maintain harmony.

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