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Non system disk problems

By Aiak0s ·
When I leave a floppy in the drive, non-system disk pops up. The problem is when I remove the disk and press a key it wont continue with boot. Is this a bios setting or somthing?

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System Disk

by Namron In reply to Non system disk problems

Pressing a key after disk error will not work. Simply remove floppy and use the reset button or power button. Change your bios boot sequence to boot from your Hard Drive first, CD Second, floppy third. This should fix the system error at boot up.

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I guess I didn't provide enough detail

by Aiak0s In reply to System Disk

When I leave a non-bootable floppy disk in the drive and reboot the message "Non-system disk or disk error Replace and strike any key when ready" shows.

On every other computer I've had I could just remove the floppy and press any key and boot upwould continue. Of course this is not the case with this computer it just locks up.

Thank you for any more suggestions.

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don't fight it!

by onehotdj In reply to I guess I didn't provide ...

Why not go into the bios ,change the boot order and not even go thru that step and speed up the boot process at the same time? This is far better anyways since unless you have a problem requiring a floppy for startup etc why bother worrying!

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