non system disk

By hyacinthejeff ·
my compaq is running windows 2000. after moving it a couple of times
when i turn it on it says non system disk can anyone help me with this
please i really need help.

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A few things to check.

by Dumphrey In reply to non system disk

1) Is there a cd in the drive or a floppy disk in the drive? (remove if yes)
2) Is your bios set to boot from the HD first? (set to primary hard drive as first boot device for testing).
3) Is the cable between your hard drive and motherboard loose? (If you have a spare, replacing the cable is a good idea.)
4) Do you have a boot able cd or floppy to test your system with? (UBCD is a good option).

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Double Check

by IC-IT In reply to non system disk

The cables inside the case, IDE to drive and to Motherboard, as well as the power connectors.
Enter BIOS and verify that the drive is seen there.

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If none of the above work

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to non system disk

Use the HDD Makers Testing Utility to test the HDD. If it fails you need to replace the HDD or M'Board. If you don't know the make of the HDD you can use Sea Tools to test the drive but the Makers Testing Utility would be better.

The Ultimate Boot CD has most Drive Makers Testing Utilities on it

If it passes you may need to reload W2K to get it working again. If you have a M$ W2K Install Disc not the Toshiba one you can do a repair Install of Windows but if you only have the Toshiba Disc this will not be an Option.

You could also run the computer off a Live Linux CD which runs off the CD and doesn't affect any installed OS or Software to check to see if the drive is showing up when the Linux is running. If the drive hasn't failed it may have become corrupt and lost the Master Boot Records. There is a list & kinks to Downloadable Live Linux's here

There are 2 other possible things to use as well the Emergency Boot CD available here

Or the System Rescue CD


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