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By TheBurbs ·
I have been asked to help my town's Recreation Department update their website. As a part of the process, they have asked that I help them with providing the ability for maintaining the site remotely, for staff members with little, or no HTML knowledge. They currently use DreamWeaver but find it too complex of a solution for their purposes. I have seen some browser-based visual editors but have not found enough objective and detailed reviews, especially from the viewpoint of use by non-technical people. The functionality that is needed is WYSIWYG and drag and drop, with as much automation of remote file management as possible. CSS and scripting support is perhaps a benefit, but not something that their staff will be able to pull together on their own as, again, they have no knowledge in these areas. Do any of you have comments or suggestions?

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by John Wilker In reply to Non-technical website aut ...

Take a look at Macromedia Contribute. My company is looking at it as well. I got to see a sneak preview as well as play with the beta a whiole ago, I like it a lot. It's based on Dreamweaver technologiy but has a much easier to use interface, gearedtowards non web developers. An "Admin" sets up a site, meaning defines the permissions and what not, then can distribute a "key" to users who can then plug it into their copy of contribute to gain access. It has check in/out and versioning support as well.

Definitely worth taking a lookt, there's a 30 day demo too.

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by kharenit In reply to Contribute

Hi ,
What kind of OS + Application Server your comapny is using to run Contribute Publishing Services(Server).
I m going to install it on Solaris + Tomcat. Was there any problme using Contribute Server in Non windows enviornment.

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Seconding recommendation of Contribute

by ddaniell In reply to Non-technical website aut ...

I'd have to agree with John on using Contribute. It works with Dreamweaver's templating functions to allow users to only update areas of a web page that the designer specifies. It's graphical and also provides for approval of changes prior to posting the page.

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A better CMS Solution

by pete In reply to Non-technical website aut ...


Take a look at Big Medium, from www.GlobalMoxie.com.

It's a great solution. I have dozens of clients running their sites with it.

Too many features to list and a sweet price point.


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