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Dear TR,

When I go to post a new discussion, as I am sure many others have found, I have limited choices as to what category I can start a thread under and was wondering which of the following catagories political discussions would rightly fall under:

Category of this thread

Network Administrator
Client Support
General Technology
Virus Threats

Thank You! :>

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i've been going with ..........

by ITgirli In reply to NONE OF THE ABOVE
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I concur

by TomBer In reply to i've been going with .... ...

I agree with ITgirli

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by ITgirli In reply to I concur

Someone actually agrees with me!!!!!!! I'm so happy I could sh*t myself! thanks!!

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The thing that troubles me about "Miscellaneous!"

by admin In reply to i've been going with .... ...

a. 1. Mixed; mingled; consisting of several things; of diverse sorts; promiscuous; heterogeneous; as, a miscellaneous collection.

At least its all that according to Webster (the dictionary, not the short kid).

If we keep adding all these distinctly political threads to the category "miscellaneous" we are quite in danger of destroying the very category of miscellaneous itself! We will not have mixed, mingled or several, we will have mostly, quite thoroughly reduced several to few, or perhaps one with additional sprinklings of hardly anything else!

What to do.... :>

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by ITgirli In reply to The thing that troubles m ...

maybe they should start a political category.

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Why not ask for a new Header

by ippirate In reply to NONE OF THE ABOVE


Of Extra-binary Biosocial Interest?

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EBBSI- I like that! :)

by admin In reply to Why not ask for a new Hea ...

I can say things like: "Oh, that's EBBSI" when asked why my techs were talking about tattoos in the hall yesterday! ~LoL~

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Just a suggestion..

by ITConverter In reply to NONE OF THE ABOVE

Maybe the people who want to talk politics could go find a political forum and leave Tech Republic discussions to things related to technology, as the current categories would suggest?

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Is still available?

by admin In reply to Just a suggestion..

I made that suggestion around 2 years ago and suggested they cross link! ~LoL~

At that time, the domain was available.


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Okay, so there's politics...

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to Is s ...

...and what else? If we were to make Miscellaneous more granular, subdividing it into more specific non-IT topics, what should those topics be?

Chess? Science fiction? Jokes? Political science jokes about chess? We need ideas, people.

--Jay, AKA The Trivia Geek

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