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Noob setting up DHCP, DNS using Server 2003, 16port switch and wireless rtr

By horgeh ·
Hi, I am really stuck. I have a few hours to get this up and running before everyone comes back in the office What I am trying to do have Server 2003 act as dhcp, dns, and file printer server. Right now I have the external modem connected to a 16-port switch which connects the server and all clients. I can't get the DHCP to work. I have internet on the server but cant get any other computers to aqcuire local IPs. I also dont know if its better to have the modem go into the router then to the switch or have the server connected directly. I only have one NIC card on the server. PLEASE HELP!!!

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Here's some help....

by Reb00t In reply to Noob setting up DHCP, DNS ...

Setup DHCP:

Setup DNS:

Once you get DHCP and DNS setup, the rest is a breeze. Btw, are you also setting up a fresh AD domain or is this just going to be a peer to peer network? If so, here's an article to help you. You should install AD before anything else IMO:

One NIC in the server isn't a problem, that's fine. Only thing I would recommend on the wireless router is that you do NOT setup WEP security. WPA at the minimum, RADIUS (if the router supports it) at best, but you probably won't have time to set up RADIUS.

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Still nothing

by horgeh In reply to Here's some help....

Thanks for the links. I deleted and installed DNS and AD from scratch. I still can't connect to the DNS server. when I run nslookup I get "Can't find server name...Non-existent domain"
Right now I have the modem going into the router which then goes into the switch. The server and the other comps are all connected to the switch.

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turn off Windows Firewall

by CG IT In reply to Still nothing

on the server. See if that helps

make sure DHCP option for DNS is your DNS server IP address also make sure the router option [default gateway] is your router's address.

go to the DNS management console run the DNS query test. run both '[recursive]

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Making progress

by horgeh In reply to turn off Windows Firewall

I'm not sure what you mean by "make sure DHCP option for DNS is your DNS server IP address..." I ran the DNS query tests and they both passed. I have disabled DHCP on the server. The router is hosting the DHCP for now. I dont know what the best option is. I know I couldnt get it to work with the server. I will be happy with this as long as I can have a domain network. I had routing turned on the server from before which is why I couldn't ping it. I can not ping the server and nslookup is ok but I still get "a domain controller for the domain test.local could not be contacted. " Thanks for all your help so far!

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If you do want to host your DHCP on the router rather than on a server,....

by Reb00t In reply to Making progress

I would highly suggest turning your DCHP lease times to between 3-5 days. The reason I say this is because you don't want your router to have an issue one day and not have a network while you replace and configure the router.

Personally, I would feel more comfortable w/ DHCP on the server, but if that works for you, it works.

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A little help

by scotdenman In reply to If you do want to host yo ...

This is an older post, but i figured that I would post a little help so future problems may be answered.

First of all, a modem can not go into a switch. (unless you subscribe for multiple public IP's) A switch is a layer 2 device and has no logical routing, so it will use the built in dhcp of the modem. Hence anything plugged in to the switch along with the modem will try and get a public IP from the dhcp in the modem.


use 2 NIC's in the server. Connect the modem to one, so it will have the public IP, then use NAT on the server with a private IP.

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