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Nook, new update

By GSG ·
This is off topic, but I thought I'd give an update on how I'm liking the Nook ereader from Barnes and Noble. In short, the new update makes this even better.

I got it in January and had some issues with freezing, and some books that got corrupted that I had to fix, along with some other issues with features that were advertised and didn't work right. They put an update on, and that fixed most of my issues.

Last night I downloaded the newest update and, wow, did this update fix some issues.

1) Page turn speed is very quick now. In fact, since I was used to the slower page turn speed, I always hit the next page button when I had half a sentence left. This caused me some issues last night, so I had to keep paging backwards to read what I missed.

2) They added a primitive web browser. This may not sound like much, but it opens up the wi-fi networks I can hit. For example, it uses AT&T's 3G network, in which coverage is spotty, and completely inaccessible where I work. I could jump on the public wireless that we provide, except that it opens a web browser and requires you to accept a terms and conditions. Now, with the web browser, I can connect to those types of networks. The downside is that there is no flash or java support, and the screen only shows 1/4th of the web page, but then again, I'm not using this for web browsing.

3) Games have been added. Just Sudoku and Chess, but since I'm hopelessly addicted to Sudoku, I'm happy.

4) Easier access to turn the wireless on and off has been provided. With wireless off, the battery life is a week. With it on, it's about a day, so this is important.

5) They've added some features based on the day of the week. On Tuesdays, they list the new releases for that day. Fridays are free book day.

6) They've provided increased functionality for in-store shopping.

I give this update 4 out of 5 stars. The only reason they don't get 5 stars is that they did not fix the audio issues. It will play MP3s, but it plays all tracks on the device in alphabetical order. You can't play all songs by one artist, or make a playlist, so it's not that great with the audio.

Rumor is that they are going to release a Nook Lite with minimal functionality at a lower price at the end of the year, and another version with a lot more functionality soon after.

I love my Nook even without this update. It's worth it to me for the saved shelf space, and the ease of actually finding one of my books instead of searching through multiple shelves and boxes to try to figure out where I shelved it.

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