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I have been using a in Windows 2000 and Windows 2002 for when we have a new user and they need all the macro, automatic text information and set-up. We now have Windows 2003 and this is not being accepted. If you have any suggestions or information that will be of assistance that would be greatly appreciated.

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by curlergirl In reply to

Well first of all, the is not used by Windows but by Word. So, it doesn't matter what version of the operating system you have, only what version of Word or, if you're using the whole bundle, Office you are using. That said, I'm not sure what you mean by it's "not being accepted." I've done a lot of upgrades to and from various versions of Word and have never seen a situation where the previous file would not open in the new version of the application. My guess is that your copy of this has simply gotten corrupted over time and you need a fresh copy. You can create one simply by renaming the current to something else, say "normal.old" and then reopening Word. This will create a new file. You can then import anything such as styles, toolbars, macros and other customizations from the old file to the new one using the Templates and Add-ins Organizer (Tools/Templates and Add-ins, then click the Organizer button).

Hope this helps!

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by setantapc In reply to

I would also check to make sure the extension hasn't changed. I downloaded and installed the Office 2007 suite and guess what ??

I went to save a document and the "new" extension is .docx, so it would be safe to assume that maybe, just possibly the is now named something else...

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by bschaettle In reply to

I strongly suggest placing the macros into a separate file. Create a Word template (.dot) and place the macros into a Module. Then put a copy of the template into every users' Word Startup folder. When loaded this way, the macros cannot be viewed or modified by the users.

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