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    Nortel ConnectivityClient (VPN)


    by joecrutcher ·

    Having trouble accessing network resources while connected to the VPN. Printing to network printers, using internet or even accessing network shares. I have heard that I need to implement split tunneling. I am under the impression that is going to be on my router. Any help?

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      by jschein ·

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      Yes, this will need to be configured on your router. Best step to set this up is just logon to your manufacturers website and look up the info specifically on your router for split tunneling. There, they would have better step by step instructions and troubleshooting tips.

      Good luck.

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      Reply To: Nortel ConnectivityClient (VPN)

      by jaboy78 ·

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      for 3rd party program..u can’t have this two together..

      The only way is to use Microsoft VPN dialer..(microsoft)

      When u log in to VPN server, u still can use ur internal lan to print and to share files except u cant surf..

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