Norton 360 Backup - 6 months of data gone

By fawndallas ·
I use Norton 360 Backup. My lincense expired in Nov 2008. When I tried to do a back up today, my only option was "restore." I mistakenly said "ok."

The software restored from Nov 2008 and wiped out all related information on both my Harddrive and my Flashdrive.

How can I recover? As my internet access is only recent, Norton has no internet backup.

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Find a Buddhist Temple and burn some LINCENSE ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Norton 360 Backup - 6 mon ...

With luck and a following wind you may burn some from last November.

Sadly, far too many users just click on the Ok button as soon as it appears on-screen. The days of actually reading what the computer is 'warning' users about, seems to have passed them by.

I seriously doubt if you have any chance whatsoever of reclaiming what has been overwritten.

This may indeed turn out to have been a salutory lesson.

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Yep, I agree......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Find a Buddhist Temple an ...

6 months of data is now gone because someone didn't read before clicking OK. Hope they learned a lesson.

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RE: How can I recover?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Norton 360 Backup - 6 mon ...

Well this is relatively easy though it will be somewhat expensive.

First thing is stop the computer unplug it and remove any Batteries if this is a NB, then replace the HDD and reload on the New HDD.

With the old HDD with your Data on it you need to send this off to a Data Recovery House that specializes in Forensic Recovery. The more that you use the HDD the less chance you will have of managing a Full Recovery and the more expensive the attempt will be.

If you persist in using the HDD as is you will reduce the chances of a Full Recovery with every second of use. So to factor in for a full Recovery a New HDD, the time and effort in Reloading this New Drive and most likely some form of external Enclosure to mount the old drive in so that you can copy the current Data to the New HDD. The cost of getting the Old HDD to the Data Recovery Specialist, and the cost of the recovery.

If you do it Now you can expect to pay anything up to $450.00 for a new HDD, somewhere around the $45.00 Mark for a External USB Enclosure to stick the existing drive in to recover your current Data load, the cost of freight to the Data Recovery House and then somewhere around $900.00 for the Quote for the Forensic Recovery. This will be deducted off the cost of the recovery when you proceed with it and can cost anything depending on how much you have used the drive before removing it and how fast you want the Data Back.

The last drive that I had recovered in 24 Hours cost $56,000.00 or thereabouts but that was a dead drive however for a Professional Forensic Recovery Done that quickly I would be expecting somewhere about that Price as well as the cost of another HDD to replace the one that you are sending away and ideally you should get yet another HDD to fit to the USB Enclosure that you had to buy to copy your 6 Month old Data to the new HDD that you fitted tot he computer. You should perform Regular Backup's to this USB Enclosure with a product that is not Time Limited so that you never find yourself again in a position where your only choice is to overwrite your current Data with a old Data Backup.


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