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NORTON AntiVirus 7.0 a firewall?

By franklymydear ·
I purchased NORTON AntiVirus 7.0 about 2 months ago and installed it on my HP Pavilion running WIN XP MCE. I run ZoneAlarm Pro as a firewall. Everything appeared to be going nicely until 2 weeks ago when NAV started giving errors "Auto Protect disabled". So I tried turning it on in the Configuration options and the program refused to "enable" the auto protect function. A search of the SYMANTEC knowledgebase found several conflicting suggestions none of which had any effect.

Finally after a last LIVE update attempt NAV put up a message that it needed to be UNINSTALLED and then reinstalled. Made perfect sense to me!

The uninstall went fine, 5 minutes and it was history.

On attempting to reinstall however, the install program scans the computer and a dialog box comes up saying that WINPATROL and ZONEALARM PRO *MUST* be uninstalled PRIOR to installing NAV.

"No way!", says I! I bought NAV as, well, an AntiVirus solution. There is NOTHING on the box or in the documentation that designates that it is a FIREWALL product. The box mentions that it provides email protection, spyware prevention and internet worm protection but nothing that uses the term "firewall".

Back to the SYMANTEC Knowledgebase...again nothing to indicate that the NAV 7.0 product is a firewall! So a late night chat session with customer service and tech support on the corporate website, and waiting for an hour or so to get an analyst avaialble, yeilds the statement that "Please uninstall ZoneAlarm product before continuing..." "Why?" says I. "You can not run two firewalls." responds tech support person. "WHAT!?" again says I. "NAV protects your system" says tech support person. "My product manual and docuentation says NOTHING about being a firewall!" interjects myself. "I purchasd the product ot provide an AntiVirus solution not a firewall!" Wait, wait, response at ALL from tech support person as I'm happily (sic) typing away my comments. "Hello", "Are you there?", "???" I'm typing and typing while being basically ignored.

"You MUST unistall the ZoneAlarm product. NAV will protect your computer..." again types tech support person. "NO! THANK YOU!" once more says I. "I won't be doing that but I WILL be leaving NAV off of my machine now! Good Night!"

Purpose of post...has anyone else run into this? Anyone had a similar experience? Is there anyone out there who had any concept that this product was a firewall as well as an antivirus solution?

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