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Norton Antivirus Updates for 12/4/2004

By badboy ·
I just updated my Norton Antivirus using liveupdate which updated the client and virus definitions. Both installed correctly, with norton showing virus definitions of 12/4/2004. However, now I'm unable to check for updates using liveupdate. I think the client update is bad.

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by acarigua In reply to Norton Antivirus Updates ...

I have installed this and have had no problems. Have you re-installed?

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by Gryfon In reply to Norton Antivirus Updates ...

Using the online guide at Symantec. They probably have this topic covered and will give the best advice on their own product.

Uninstalling Norton can be a major problem, so I only suggest that as a last resort.

Good luck!

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download Smartupdate

by jdclyde In reply to Norton Antivirus Updates ...

download the SmartUpdate and run that. If the other definitions were bad, this will replace the.

Have had to do this to repair corrupt definitions before.

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Oppps..this was my fault

by badboy In reply to Norton Antivirus Updates ...

I had zonealarm blocking liveupdate from accessing the internet. I got tried of having to deny access to it. You see, even though I have automatic checks for updates disabled, LUCOMS~1 still trys to access the internet, not once, not twice but three times. I got tired of having to deny access and made the denial permanent. So now I have to turn zonealarm off before running liveupdate. I've fussed until I was blue in the face with Symantec about this issue, but the Indains don't seem to understand the problem. If liveupdate is disenabled, it should not be requesting access to the internet. period.

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by mandydresher In reply to Norton Antivirus Updates ...

OMG! They have realy scr*wed with me! I still have time on my subscription, but 2 months ago, I started having trouble updating the antivirus. It would say 'updating'. Their website says that NAV has a virus! Oh Gr8! So anyways I went through all of their website helps and then their tech support in India, which ended in failure. The recommended fix was to go out and by a new copy of NAV 2005!(Do I get a refund for the crap I have now that is not expired?) Well I switched to Macafee because Norton was soooo helpful.
If anyone can tel me how I could havefixed it or have some ideas let me know since it has time to go yet.

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