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Norton Antivirus vs Win XP

By JimRetired ·
I used NAV 2002 and 2003 with no problems. I have spent the last month or so tryong to get NAV 2004 (actually Norton System Works 2004) to play nice with Win XP. I purchased a new laptop lately and the tech that loaded it with software refused to install NAV 2004 and would only install NAV 2003 because he said there was a conflict. So far no problems on the laptop. In the meantime I loaded NSW 2004 on my PC and nothing but problems even after doing all the uninstalling and reinstalling per e-mail from Semantec's tech support. Anyone else with this conflict?...Jim

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Not really

by Oz_Media In reply to Norton Antivirus vs Win X ...

You should try the Technical Questions and Answers forum. Link right below the Discussion center link on the navigation bar.

Personally I would tell the tech who set up your notebook to immediately remove ALL traces of anything Norton.

It slows computers down as it is not resourceful. If you run system works on a brand new install of Windows, it suggests removing neccessary files. It is the most bug ridden and unresourceful software ever wriotten for Windows and as for AntiVirus, it is NO diferent than ANY of the free offerings that work much more efficiently, use less resourcs and never interfere with other programs, which is too common an issue with Norton, it seems every hang or crash problem can be traced back to Norton files, even when removed the files still cling on like an old girlfriend that just won't go home.

You want a REAL robust and efficient AntiVirus solution that never causes problems yet catches the exact same viruses as Norton, save the $100.00 and download AVG Free Antiirus from .FREE

The very first step I take when setting up new client computers is to boot it, enter a password and remove Norton before I even run any other updates. It just makes sure that Norton doesn't cause issues installing software, then I add AVG or the client's network based protection and forget Norton was ever there, and it's never missed, I am never fixing the hoards of norton related issues etc.

As you can tell, I am adamantly opposed to Norton, although when starting out I thought it was the best software in the market. It certainly is the most popular, it MUST be the best right? No, it just comes with trials in so many new PC's now that when it expires, people just automatically update it without a second thought.

Again if youjust want an answer an no long winded opinion (sorry), try Tech Q&A, good luck with whatever you choose.

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I agree

by gbrownlee In reply to Not really

The only time I had a virus on my system, that went undetected until it was way too late, was when I had NAV installed; came with the system. I too now use AVG and cannot laud its virtues enough. I even recomend AVG to those who wish to have a commercial version on their systems.

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Yah their server copy is great!

by Oz_Media In reply to I agree

You will never have an abend due to AVG, unless you do something horribly wrong.

AVG is the cats meow, I doubted a FREE solution at first too, but can't say enough about it now and neither do my clients who use it at hom eor on their network.

Good stuff, Maynard!

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by JimRetired In reply to Yah their server copy is ...

Will give it a try.

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by JimRetired In reply to I agree

Thanks, will give it a try.

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by JimRetired In reply to Not really

Will check out AVG. I am ready to give up on NAV. Will look some more in TECH Q&A. Didn't find anything specific the first cursory look...will look some more...thanks

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NAV vs XP?

by jack In reply to Norton Antivirus vs Win X ...

Hi, yes, funny enough. I have a client with a 8-pc network running a PIV as the main pc with ISDN internet connection. While NAV 2003 was up, no problems at all. Then subscription expired and client decides to purchase 204. Short while after installation, problems started, like 70% slowdown in performance of pc, frequent pc auto restarts sometimes on its own or during file copying or transfers, especially data files, ex. in accounting software. However, I did test hardware and found faulty RAM to be the culprit for most of restart problems. Another client underwent same performance drain and occasional restarts. After removing 2004 and re-installing 2003 problem went away. ?????? So what's up. I heard rumours from other colleages with more or less the same problems.

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More on WinXP vs NAV 2004

by JimRetired In reply to NAV vs XP?

In looking around I find that there is supposedly a patch from Microsoft but I can't seem to get to it. One guy said you had to be a corporate client to get it. I have been in the MS KB and can't find anything pertinent. Symantec info is worthless and their tech support has answered my e-mail queries three times but it seems just to go round-and-round. I would go back to NAV 2003 but I like the Norton Password Manager in NSW 2004. Maybe I can run NAV2003 and NPM from NSW 2004. You think?

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xp service pack 2

by wvclark423wm25 In reply to More on WinXP vs NAV 2004

I am not to hep on this stuff. I recently installed xp service pack 2 and already had Norton Internet Security 2003 and Norton System Works Pro Edition 2003 installed. I initially selected option for not installing the xp service pack 2 security/virsus due to Norton Systems I already had installed. Wham I could not get on line to my dial up provider. Solution I turned off my Norton Firewall and everything works perfect. I then went back and selected and installed both xp service pack 2 security/virus system and again enabled my Norton Security Firewall and again I still can not make a dial up connection to my internet provider. I then went into my Norton Internet Security 2003 program for tech support and they had a feed for a video demo telling me how to do a down load but it would not work. What a mess!!!!! If anyone can help me with a fix I sure would appreciate the help. I am not real smart on these things so need "baby fed" help.

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me too

by donovan_maryd In reply to More on WinXP vs NAV 2004

i have installed a copy of norton internet security and cannot,connect to the internet unless i disable it first. any ideas
i have been told to check for a fire wall,but alas, no go still, appreciate any help at all. mdd

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