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Norton AV CE 9.03 Conflicts on Windows 2000

By CdnTech ·

I just wanted to relate a recent experience I had installing Symantec's Antivirus Corporate Edition v9.0.3 onto two Windows 2000 machines.

Both were Dell Dimension 4100 machines, running Windows 2000 SP4, fully patched. After a removal of the previous client software v8.1 NAV, & a reboot, the v9.0.3 client was successfully installed as a managed client. Upon a restart, the machine yielded a Blue Screen of Death w/ an error message, "Unimplemented kernel mode trap has occurred". Then it would reboot itself and repeat this cycle.

The solution was to remove the new client and reinstall the older client software(v8.1) again.

There was one note on Symantec's knowledgebase where someone else experienced an "Inaccessible Bootable Device" with her Blue Screen of Death. This is the same message I received on the second machine.

The woman in question noted that this occurred on a Windows 2000 Server (not in production, thankfully) and two Windows 2000 desktops..all HP equipment.

Has anybody else encountered this on other Windows 2000 machines? Symantec seems to be mum about this occurring, with not acknowledgement yet.

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by CG IT In reply to Norton AV CE 9.03 Conflic ...

I've heard about it. We still use CE 8.2 and we are testing it on Windows Server 2003 with XP clients. so far no problems at all.

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We've had no trouble with XP clients either..

by CdnTech In reply to

We've had no trouble with XP clients either. I've installed this on at least 6 machines, all XP SP2, without a hiccup. My installs on Win 2K are a different story.

I'm hoping there is some sort of workaround. I attempted to post my comments on Symantec's site but there was an error on their submissions page. I've also posted my comments on Dells Community Forum, under the Windows section. Maybe I'll get someone who's come up with a solution.

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SAVCE it works fine

by monsterrick In reply to We've had no trouble with ...

My company depolyed SAVCE to hundreds servers and thousands desktop clients.
Everything are fine.

I guess the main issue before we do a large deployment is same as you mentioned.
Symantec provided us a small package/script so that we can uninstall NAVCE 7 and SAVCE 8 cleanly before installing SAVCE9.

From what I heard from the team that when uninstalling earlier version, there has chance of leaving a Symantec service still active (not uninstalled cleanly). If the machine reboot, the left behind Symantec service will try to start but it can't find the binary file. As a result, blue screen of dead.

Without the package from Symantec, I would suggest below.

1) Stop all NAVCE/SAVCE services and change the startup to disable/manual
2) Uninstall earlier version
3) Verify that all NAVCE/SAVCE service are removed
4) Reboot the machine
5) Install SAVCE 9
6) Reboot the machine

Hope this help

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SAVCE Update

by CdnTech In reply to SAVCE it works ...

Thanks for the update Monsterrick. I find this to be somewhat confusing in that my uninstallation of the old clients on Win XP followed by the newly installed clients has had nary a hiccup. But only Windows 2K machines have been problematic.

I have installed this client on a third Win2K machine, but this time as an unmanaged client, because this was on a home installation. The first reboot after the removal of the old client was fine, and the new client installation was also fine. Now the machine had been rebooted a couple of times without any troubles. However last night the client complained about Windows not starting and giving an error message about "missing configuration" files. Several full restarts later, and suddenly the machine is apparently up and functioning normally (something I have not verified first hand yet). Very odd.

I haven't done more research on this problem since my initial comment, but I will be forced to decide what happens with several Win2K boxes in the near future, so I still have more work to do. I am surprised that there are very few complaints about this out on the web. I can't be the only one running into this problem.

I'll post back any solution / workaround I find.


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Where's the Scan Engine

by jagular In reply to Norton AV CE 9.03 Conflic ...

On our site we have encountered many difficulties upgrading to version 9 from 7.60. After finally hitting upon a reliable set of instrutions that work we were left with one anomoly: Sometimes the version of the scan engine does not appear in the info screen. Is this a problem? We want to make sure all our work was not in vain...

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From what I've seen..

by CdnTech In reply to Where's the Scan Engine


From what I've seen the scan engine version is visible from the info screen on our XP installed systems. As for Win2K, I've never gotten an installation to work yet, so I can't comment on that.

Would you mind elaborating on your client upgrades? Have you successfully done any Windows 2000 clients? Would you mind sharing your installation secret?


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Sorry! No issue at all in my site

by monsterrick In reply to From what I've seen..

I manage both W2K, XP, W2K3 servers and clients but no major issue at all.
I don't have any comment over mentioned issue.

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I could install NAVCE

by roopsy In reply to Norton AV CE 9.03 Conflic ...


I experienced the exact same problem on the same machine:
I try to install Symantec's Antivirus Corporate Edition v9.0.3 onto two Windows 2000 fully patched. After restart, the blue screen of the death ... then it reboot itself againand again.

I don't have the previous version of NAVCE. So I unistall every patch. I install again SP4 and IE6 only. I try again to install NAVCE 9.03 again and ... It works fine !
No problem at all after restart, every thing semms OK.

But the problem is I can't add any patch now. Every time I try I've got the blue screen on restart !!!

Can someone helo me on this ?

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I found the solution

by roopsy In reply to I could install NAVCE

It is "just" a driver problem.

I update the driver of the intel chipset and it work fine ! I do so because I found this on symantec website:

Do as it is sai and it will fix it.

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