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Norton or McAfee

By hawgfan ·
Norton or McAfee, which is your anti-viral of choice?

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Save your money

by Oz_Media In reply to Norton or McAfee

Both of these programs are very system intrusive and generally suck a lot of resources. NAV being the worst I've ever seen, used or repaired. Popularity due to marketing I think.

You can get a much better scanner, free updates etc. AT NO COST ! - Download AVG Free edition. Everyone I've installed or recommended this to has praised AVG as the best AV system they've used.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Save your money

P.S. I was (am) a licenced mechanic that worked in the field for 6 years, I know just do jobber stuff on the weekends. Snapon has made my life so much easier, less skinned knuckles thanks to your bent handle 3/8 ratchets and your impact sockets aresecond to none.
I've finally paid off my Snapon bill (5 years of big $$$)and it was worth it.

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need for more technical input....

by Olukay In reply to Save your money

I saw the last two posts on the antivirus issue..
But I think before we make a decision on which has an edge over the other we should first agree on what makes an efficinent antivirus programme..
Then based on this criteria we can now make comparison on which is the better antivirus programme

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by scmgithd In reply to Norton or McAfee

I agree that both Norton and McAfee are very intrusive. If I had to pick one it would be Norton. Two reasons...they put patches and fixes on their web site without charging/having a current subscription and I would rather support a company that does that. Secondly, I just attached a new pc to our Netware server. The user could access the files but when she tried to save them it would save it to a temp file and give her an error message. The computer had come with a trial version of McAfee. As soon as I uninstalled that it worked just fine. Donna

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easiest to manage

by baden In reply to Norton...

Have you looked at Sophos, then Sophos
Enterprise manager for auto updates

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