Norton/Symantec 2010 - anyone had problems?

By Shellbot ·
Over Christmas Symantec was very helpful and upgraded itself to the new version. Thank you Symantec < insert sarcasm >.

Since the update, my lappy is now a piece of garbage. Slow to boot, takes ages or mutiple retries to connect to my wireless internet router, Explorer crashes frequently, machine hangs....

Obviously I need to tweak the settings..but I don't really know how..
Anyone else had the same issues?
Any ideas?

And don't be a smarty pants and tell me to not use IE..or to get another AV..Its a fully paid up I am going to dang well use it if i can.


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If scorned

by santeewelding In reply to Norton/Symantec 2010 - an ...

Do what a woman scorned does.

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by Shellbot In reply to If scorned

I may have to...but if possible I'd prefer to get it sorted another way :)

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Sorry Shelly

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Norton/Symantec 2010 - an ...

I can not help you here. I gave up using Norton's when Internet Security came out years ago now. Well at least for the Workstation.

Norton's Internet Security was my Bugbear Program I could never get it to work properly or for that matter be part way usable so I swallowed my pride and dumped it on my personal systems as well as for all those who I was paid to work for.

While the Corporate Version works a treat the Personal Version is the biggest pile of Sh1te I have even had the misfortune to use.

But it's just like a woman to pay money and then demand to use what they have paid for because they paid for it. I personally prefer to have something that is usable and use that. It's much cheaper to do things that way.


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Personal vs Corporate

by Shellbot In reply to Sorry Shelly

Ah, trust me..not at liberty to divulge, but the corporate is just a big of pile.....

Well, you know me..if it works i don't really care, and up till 3 weeks ago, i never ever had an issue with it..

Was asking around work today, and the exact same thing has happened for someone else..they got so annoyed that they shut it

Well..hopefully someone somewhere can help me with the stupid settings soon..if not..its going in the bin

Only took me 2 weeks to figure out it was the AV to begin with!

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I've settled down a little.

by Ron K. In reply to Personal vs Corporate

I've not seen the Norton product you have but based on experience with an AVG update where they added a link scanner I'd look to see if Norton has one and maybe turn that off to see if it runs better. AVG ran slow until they had another update that fixed the slow speed of scanning links.<br>
There are several other tools that work well for scanning links upon access and they're free. <br>
That's the best I've got. Good luck.

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Norton? *points finger and laughs*

by Ron K. In reply to Norton/Symantec 2010 - an ...

errr... ummm... I mean, that's a bummer. :^0 <br>
I gave up on everything Norton about like Col did, after having Norton Internet Security. I remember forum posts where people were saying Norton was a virus itself, that it 'infected' every bit of a computer and slowed it down.<br>
Tweaks? Shoot it with a 12 gauge to start with then work your way down slowly to a .22. That'll tweak it.

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NA I have to disagree completely here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Norton? *points finger a ...

Shelly should start with a 20 Gage not a 12. That doesn't do enough damage.

A friend or should that read fiend has a Double Under & Over 20 Gage and a 303, he constantly claims that the Telescopic Sight is for the 303 but I've watched him use it with the 20 Gage and Duck Shot in the Barrel.

After 3 or 400 rounds of the 20 Gage there will not be much left of Shelly's Sony so she doesn't need to work her way down to a 22. She'll have worked off her frustrations long before then anyway.

However she could use the same mates 50 MM Machine Gun though personally I think it's much more of a Canon rather than a Machine Gun. Every third round is a Tracer just to help you target your fire. The lad has it on display in his Living Room hanging off a wall with a couple of rounds in a cabinet beside it. When the Police come around to collect him for something that they want done they are not silly enough to ask a Ex Army Surgeon if that is a real weapon on the wall or if they are live rounds. Just the ideal weapon to use on any Vaio if you ask me though. [maniacal laughter]

Col 0:-)

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by Shellbot In reply to NA I have to disagree com ...

My Vaio is my baby!! I can't kill it!!!

if it dies then how will I pretend I'm a secret agent in a Bond movie???

< walks away muttering..can't be a secret agent without a Vaio... >

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by .Martin. In reply to Col!!

HA! that's probably the problem

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by Shellbot In reply to Vaio???

Get thee away from my Vaio... !!!!!!

She's a beauty..and no one can tell me different.

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