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By itctonguy ·
This debate seems to be a running theme amongst all the other discussion threads, even so to the point of actually defeating the purpose of such threads, or making it virtually impossible to pickup on the REAL information provided therein. Perhaps it is time to put aside the NOS rivalry (which is now reaching a level that can only be topped by sports fanatics), or at LEAST contain it to within it's own thread(s)? This discussion is intended to be a gentle nudge in the right direction...

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Let's get this party started

by itctonguy In reply to NOS debate

I have been priviledged to work in two major organizations, one being government and the other a university. Both had mixed server environments, and both involved several changeovers during my time of employment. I have worked on linux, novell, and windows servers, but in each operation I never encountered any clients other than MAC and Win. I have to say, honestly, that each has a niche that they fill very well, and I would also say that each has a place in both the personal and corporate worlds. This is not intended to be a 'ride-the-fence' or 'make peace, not war' posting; I will be quite frank in saying that I would be hesitant to deploy either a novell server or a linux server in the mainstream environment without first considering M$. This is not because I am uncomfortable working with novell or linux, nor is it because I have been 'bought' or 'bribed' by M$ through freebie products or other methods. I say this because the Windows server environment is, in MY experience, the easiest server environment to 'throw and go'. It offers the widest range of general tools, with half decent default settings, (provided you keep your network behind a monster firewall). It may be set by default to be a more open environment, but in the places I've worked that's frequently been a plus. The biggest problem I've run into with our current linux box (Red Hat 6) is in order for our M$ clients to play well with it, the M$ setting for 'transmit unsecured passwords to third party SMB servers' must be enabled. Otherwise, I have no complaints about any of the boxes, but I must say in closing: Linux for web, Novell for lock-down security, and M$ for general or multi-purpose use.

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