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By pradeep_kshyap ·
what is the difference between Network operating system & Server operating system?please give in details.

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by BobTheITBuilder In reply to NOS & SOS

If you look at this a bit deeper you will tend to think that there is no NoS as such. Server OSs such as Windows Server 2003, Novell 6, Unix etc are there to serve client requests for things like files, printers web pages and dtabases. Client OSs are things like Windows XP Pro, Win 98 etc and these can be used in standalone or networked environments. The networked client uses protocols to communicate with other devices (request services). Devices such as routers and switches uses their own OSs but these are to facilitate data travelling across a network. There is also Terminal services, going back to the MaiFrame days you would have the Green-Screen Monitor sitting on you desk that accessed a large Unix Server. The latest version of this is Windows Terminal Server that delivers a desktop to your dumb-terminal so I suppose this would be classed as a Network Operating System but the modern terminals have something like Windows CE embedded in them used to connect to the server with TCP/IP which is a protocol and not a NOS.
Maybe we could open this up as a discussion. So in closing I would say there is no such thing as an NOS but it is a network with many operating systems utilising standards based communication protocols.

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