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Not a Cisco?!

By eqrools ·
Cisco obviously has the dominate market share right now, but what about those vendors off the beaten path, you know the Junipers, Nortels and Foundry?s of the world? I?ve only been in the industry for about six years now, and have encountered very little non-Cisco equipment and was kind of curious what other people?s experiences have been?

I worked at an ISP for a number of years and we ran Junipers on the backbone. They were solid devices very similar to Ciscos IOS, but aside from a firewall here or there I have never really seen Junipers in the enterprise setting.

I worked at a law firm that had Foundry?s as their core switches and what a disaster that turned out to be. Very touchy and buggy devices, we deployed a new switch improper onto the network and it created a switching loop. Corrected the situation within a matter of minutes and all of our Cisco devices recovered without a proper the Foundry?s however locked up and needed to be rebooted in the middle of a business day.

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