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Not a techie, need to make my PC faster, more secure... HOW?

By lazer22 ·
Hi there, I'm cleaning up my PC. Don't know WHERE to start at ALL. It needs to be faster, more secure. Don't know which virus system it should have, what kind of ram, etc. etc. Any comments on WHERE I should start would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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What type of system do you have?

by jenueheightz In reply to Not a techie, need to mak ...

It would help if you told us what you have to start.
What type of system do you have? Make, model #
What type of antivirus, Malware and other securtiy program? And are they current and up to date?

Once this determined, we can proceed from there.

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Here's what you do!!!!

by Ripperc In reply to Not a techie, need to mak ...

Start by taking your old computer tower and toss right out the window. Technology is changing so fast that upgrading your old tower is just a waist of money. If you really want a fast pc start from I know it sounds kinda crazy but its true. You can spend $500.00 dollars on upgrades, just to find it its opsolite the next month. If you are really siriously interested i can help. Im from Chicago also. Let me know. Cya!!!

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upgrade ram

by madanmule In reply to Not a techie, need to mak ...

go to the hardware/electronic spare retailler,take old ram from your PC,count the empty slots for the ram, show it to the shop woner & ask him to give the highest/latest ram which will suit to your pc slot, can upgrade 256 mb to 1*2=2 GB RAM depending on your Motherboard.install it in CPU, it will certainly increase the speed, also Norton antivirus to b installd & virus to be removed, aso perfom disk fragmentation.

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why I orta...

by .Martin. In reply to upgrade ram
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to the moon eh Martin (nt)

by PurpleSkys In reply to why I orta...
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by CharlieSpencer In reply to to the moon eh Martin (nt ...

The dead walk among us. Again.

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Zombie Alert!!!

by Mehul Bhai In reply to upgrade ram

The original post is 35 months old and the original poster must have frogotten sbout it now.

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