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    Not able install windows XP


    by aashik_ind ·

    I have a compaq presario desktop 5000 bought like 5 yrs back came with 98 preinstalled.

    I had installed 2000 server , proffessional and XPP on the same drive.
    Recently OS crashed.
    Tried fdisk and format but was unable to format the hard disk completely.
    When I boot the system it still takes me to 2000 which does not take me any further.

    When I use the recovery CD it atleast takes me to dos prompt. Its strange , but even after formatting the hard disk it shows space of 1GB whereas the hard-disk size is 15 GB
    Still I tried to run setup of XP/2000 over dos prompt it says it needs windows to start the installation.

    I have windows XPP and 2000 advanced server CD’s .
    Dont know how to install OS.

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      Reply To: Not able install windows XP

      by toivo talikka ·

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      Are you using a Windows 98 boot diskette? You need to delete all DOS and non-DOS partitions from the hard drive. You should then be able to install Windows XP and select the partition size when prompted.

      Go to BIOS (power up the PC and press the key, usually F2 or Del – you need to keep an eye on the screen before the instructions specific to your PC disappear) and change the boot order so that the CD drive is checked before the hard drive.

      Insert the installation CD and restart the PC. The installation should then begin and prompt the relevant questions. You need to have the Windows XP Product Key from the Proof of Licence Certificate Authenticity, which is a sticker from the back of cover of the original Windows XP installation CD.

      If you have a Windows XP upgrade CD instead, you need to install the original operating system like Windows 98 first before you can upgrade to XP.

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      Reply To: Not able install windows XP

      by aashik_ind ·

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