Not able to access encrypted files.

By ak_gates2010 ·
Hi all,

I am using windows 2003 server. I encrypted some files using administrator login. and some days after my boot loader went crupt and i had to repair my operating system.

Now every thing is Ok but i can not access any files which were encrypted. i am using same administrator account , it says access denied, I treid to take the owner ship and tried to change the permission of those files but it gives same error "access denied".
i encrypted those file using defalut EFS encryption utility in windows 2003 server.

those files include very important data and are in DOC, PDF and JPEG format.

Please help someone to get them back.

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Go to your backups and pickup the Private Encryption Key and

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Not able to access encryp ...

Fit it to the Server following the directions here

If you haven't made a backup of the Private Encryption Key you're stuffed as the original was destroyed when you did the repair and M$ advice will be to Find a Good Hacker to recover your data. This isn't actually necessary as any of the better Data Recovery Houses can recover the Encryption Key or at least your data by bypassing the encryption method employed by 2003 but you need to give then what they ask for when you give them the job of recovering your data.

If you backed up this data unencrypted you can just copy it straight back to the HDD and you'll have it available also.


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not able to access encrypted files

by ak_gates2010 In reply to Go to your backups and pi ...

Well back up is what i do not have. i dont think there was any encryption key i got .

I encrypted that data as follows:

data floder > properties> advanced> cheked, encrypt contents to secure data > Ok

Thats what i did and after that i repaired my OS and not able to access those encrypted file.

thanks in advance

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When you applied the Encryption you created a Private Encryption Key

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to not able to access encryp ...

And when you repaired the OS you destroyed that Key as it was overwritten on the rebuild so you really only have 2 options.

The first as M$ would say id Find a Good Hacker.

The second is to ring a Data Recovery House and see what they require to bypass the encryption key and provide them with that and pay them to recover your data in a readable format. There really is no other option.


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