Not able to access Internet from any browser

By chrisj ·
Hello everyone,

I have a Windows 2003 server that I am not able to browse the Internet from. I thought the problem was in IE so I installed Firefox and still unable to browse. I confirmed IP, gateway and DNS settings are correct so I am certain the problem goes beyond the browsers. I am able to ping (internally) ip address so that part is working.

Any suggestions on what I can check?

Many Thanks

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by jimmy-jam In reply to Not able to access Intern ...

Are your DNS servers internal or external?

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Confirmed the following

by chrisj In reply to Question

Thank you for responding. I placed my answer in the next response.


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by minnarky In reply to Not able to access Intern ...

Are you behind a hardware firewall, like a cisco? If so you may have to configure outbound access for this machine.
Can other machines on this network connect to internet?
From this machine can you ping the DNS server? Gateway?

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Confirmed the following.

by chrisj In reply to firewall?

Hello jimmy-jam and minnarky,

The DNS servers are internal and computers do sit behind a firewall. Yes other machines (in same subnet and connected to same switch) are able to access Internet. I confirmed the server in question can ping the DNS, Gateway and other servers.

Are there any other services (other than DNS) that could be causing this problem. I checked the log files and found nothing looking like the culprit.



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by jimmy-jam In reply to Confirmed the following.

to ping that is google's IP. If you are able to ping by IP but not by domain name then I would say your internal DNS servers are not forwarding name resolution requests to the external DNS servers.

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On the right track

by chrisj In reply to Try

I was not able to ping by IP. Could this be a DNS issue? I will check to see if they internal address is bloacked at the firewall.


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by jimmy-jam In reply to On the right track

It does not sound like a DNS problem. Firewall is a good place to look. Also maybe the routes in your router? The other thing could be if you are using a proxy server make sure it is defined in your browser.

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Problem Solved

by chrisj In reply to Not DNS

The static IP was blocked at the firewall.

Many thanks to everyone for sharing your knowledge.


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by Nimmo In reply to Confirmed the following.

Are you using a proxy, check you settings in IE and also in the local group policy.

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