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    Not able to download any type of files


    by neetshre ·

    Not able to download any file as Download button does not appear. Continue to view button only appears. Please help in downloading the files.

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      Reply To: Not able to download any type of files

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to Not able to download any type of files

      It would help to know where you are attempting to download files from as that affects the answer.

      But if it’s from TR the most likely problem is the security settings in your Browser is preventing the files from being downloaded or open into an IE Window. If that is the case there is a blue set of letters that read [b]Click Here[/b] on the second or third row down hold down the CTRL key and left click on the Blue words and you should get the file to open.

      As this help forum is hosted by TR but not answered by TR if you need any help directly from them there is a blue [b]Help[/b] word toward the bottom of the screen that you should click on so you can contact TR directly. While TR does run this forum they do not actively monitor it and will only look at something if a complaint is made so if you need their help you should go directly to them.


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