Not able to implement Wake on lan

By dvnmus ·
I have a PIII PC (ATX cabinet) and has network card w/ WOL feature. I am trying to do a remote startup from a windows 7 system by sending the magic packet, but with no success. I have enabled the feature in the PC - BIOS.

Both the systems are connected thru' LAN. PC is connected thru' LAN cable and windows 7 system is connected thru' WIFI.

Please let me know if I am missing anything here.



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device manager

by Jacques.Gordon In reply to Not able to implement Wak ...

If you go into your Device manager and open the advanced tab in the network card's properties there are other WOL settings there.

Also check the magic packet that you need to send, some manufacturers differ slightly

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re:Device Manager

by dvnmus In reply to device manager

Thanks Jacques for the quick reply.

Please be a little patient and do let me know about the queries I have.

I had already enabled the WOL in the network card properties. Also when the system is off, how does these settings in the device manager help. I can still understand the BIOS setting, tho' I am a little apprehensive about how even the BIOS settings help with the system being in the off-mode. The power is coming upto only the SMPS and not to the motherboard. I have tried almost whatever I could get on the net. But there must be something (may be a simple aspect) which I might be missing.



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by Jacques.Gordon In reply to re:Device Manager

What is your network setup? What switches or routers are you connecting through?

Also, is your NIC onboard or is it an addon card?

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by dvnmus In reply to network

I have a Netgear router (WGR614 v7) and the PC [(P-III) w/ a add-on PCI slot Network card Realtek RTL8139/810X Family PCI Fast Ethernet NIC] connected to the router thro' ethernet cable. And the windows7 system (Laptop) connected to the router thro' Wifi.
I have doubts whether Windows 7 is creating problems.

I have set up the LAN IP Setting of the router as


IP Address 10. 0 . 0 . 1
IP Subnet Mask
RIP Direction None
RIP Version Disabled

Use Router as DHCP Server
Starting IP Address
Ending IP Address

Address Reservation
# IP Address Device Name Mac Address
1 BVM 00:E0:4C:4D:13:4E

Thanks very much


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card version

by Jacques.Gordon In reply to Re:

Check your card, RTL8139 does not support WOL but RTL8139A does support WOL.

If you have the RTL8139A try and get the latest drivers for your card.

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add-on card?

by Churdoo In reply to Re:

then someone correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't an add-on network card require a cable connected to a WOL connector on the mobo?

Is the WOL cable installed from the NIC to the WOL connector on the motherboard?

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No cable has been connected

by dvnmus In reply to add-on card?

I have not seen any connector on the NIC or on the MBoard. I saw that in one of the forums and checked the NIC as well as the MB. Is it absolutely essential to have the cable connection ?

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if the card has a WOL cable port then Yes you must use a cable

by Who Am I Really In reply to No cable has been connect ...

it's usually a little 3-prong plug
if the card doesn't have one then it won't work

the plug looks like this on most cards

edit: add link

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MBoard Manual PDF

by dvnmus In reply to add-on card?

How can I load Mboard Manual PDF here, so that you can let me know, if there is any pin/connector distantly related to WOL (which I just could not find) ?

Below is couple of lines from the manual, in the system overview, just in case if you know if there is any WOL pin / connector on it.

This board incorporates the all new VIA693A/686A serial chipset, ISA, AGP and PCI IDE into one board that provides a total PC solution. The motherboard , a Celeron / Pentium III, processor based PC /ATX system, supports 128kbyte or 256kbyte cache on CPU, PCI ........

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PSU voltage. . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to Not able to implement Wak ...

some PSU's don't provide enough 5V (S5 "Soft Off") power to the system for the card to act on the magic packet

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