not able to instal XP on my desktop??pls help freezes up at "setup is......

By jae.kumar ·
Dear friends,

Please help me I m not able to reinstal XP on my desktop,freezes up at "setup is starting windows"
desktop was working fine 2days back but yesterday it was giving black screen with cursor blinking.i removed ram and replaced it but it was still same.then thought to repair windows but as i m getting into troubleshooting getting across different problems below i m mentiong all things that i followed friends pls help

Options i tried
(1)i replaced ram but still same problem,
(2)I disconected IDE cable from CD & IDE it gives me error no bootable device found,when i connect HDD & CD IDE but still same ...tried bot keeping HDD as master and CD rom as Slave also vice versa
(3) to check whether it is HDD error or not i removed HDD also setup proceeds after "setup is ...." message,booted system from cd and started setup but i found setup freezing at same point

System configuration
1GB Ram DDR2
P4 processor
**5motherboard with 1IDE port,2SATA ,2DDR1 and 1DDR2,2usb,vga,sound port,lan port.

Please help ....

thanx for help in advance

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Well you are doing things the hard way

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to not able to instal XP on ...

Start off by testing the HDD with it's makers Testing Utility.


Then using the Ultimate Boot CD test the RAM and the CPU for correct function.


If any of the tests fail replace whatever is faulty, but if the HDD fails the test you need to remove the HDD from that computer and connect to another and retest. If it still fails the Drive is faulty but if it passes the second Test either the M'Board, Data Lead or Power Supply in the original Computer is faulty and needs replacing.

Then using either Boot & Nuke or Kill Disc wipe the HDD



Wipe the HDD and then when that is finished reinstall the OS. Wiping the drive will delete any Formating Problems or possible Infections that it has picked up and are causing problems.


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thanx for reply but if i remove HDD.....

by jae.kumar In reply to Well you are doing things ...

dear friend

1st thanx for reply,

even i tried starting setup without connecting my hdd to MB it is not proceeding further otherwise it would ave given me error saying to HDD or storage media found but this never happens

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And that is why I suggested the Hardware tests

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to thanx for reply but if i ...

You need to rule out Hardware failure before you proceed any further.

You can use the Ultimate Boot CD to do that and as it is free all you have to pay for is the Bandwidth to download it and then burn to a CD.


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