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Not able to Login

By abidalim ·
I have NT Server and client is Windows 98, but when I login to client I receive this error "THE DOMAIN PASSWORD YOU SPECIFIED IS NOT CORRECT OR ACCESS TO YOUR LOGON SERVER HAS BEEN DENIED".
But before this I was able to login, but when I restart I receive above error, I checked another client also that was also same problem. Everything was running perfect. I face this problem one time in a monthing and some time more.

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Not able to Login

by timwalsh In reply to Not able to Login

Your problem probably is that on a Win98 computer, there is a separate Windows password that was changed while the domain password was not (or vice-versa). Regardless of how it happened, the fix is reasonably simple.

Unless policies have been applied to prevent a user from bypassing the Network Log-on screen, simply hit the Cancel button to bypass this screen. Chances are you will see a second Windows Log-on screen (this will pretty much confirm the situation in the first paragraph is the case). Also hit the Cancel button here. Open the Windows folder (using either My Computer or Windows Explorer); search for and delete all files with the extension ".pwl" (NOTE: if this computer is used by multiple users, only delete the ".pwl" file corresponding to the user ID of the user having problems).

To prevent confusion as to what the correct Network password is, I would reset it on the server so you now what is current.

Next log-off and log-on to the Win98 computer. Assuming you correctly authenticate to the domain, you will next see a window asking you to re-enter your password to verify it (as with the very first time a user logs-on). Doing this creates the Win98 ".pwl" file.

To properly change passwords so the the Windows password (for the local computer) remains synchronized with the Domain password, go to Control Panel | Passwords. Choose the Change Passwords Tab; click the Change Windows Password button; ensure the box titled "Microsoft Networking" is checked; from there follow instructions to change the password.

Hopefully, this will solve your problem.

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