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Not able to see total disk space on NT 4

By stakhaus ·
I have an IBM Netvista with a 20 gig harddrive. I have installed Nt 4.0 and can only see 8 gigs. The drive is split into two each 4 gig partitions. Why can I not see the other 12 gigs? Any help anyone?

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More Info?

by RDSchaefer In reply to Not able to see total dis ...

We need a little more info. Are you using Disk Manager or Windows Explorer? If Explorer, it only shows partitioned space.


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by stakhaus In reply to More Info?

I am using explorer. I think I know what the problem is. Thanks for the help.

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fdisk that machine

by not_really In reply to Not able to see total dis ...

I recommend getting a Win98 boot disk and booting to it then using the fdisk command to see the first see the partitions, option 4. Then create new partitions with the extra 12 gig of space you have. NT 4 has limited ability in terms of hard drivesize, so you will need to make as many 4 gig partitions as you need in order to use all the hard drive space.

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Blah That is wrong

by radiic In reply to fdisk that machine

You need to use Disk administrator which can be found at Start,AdministrativeTools,Disk Admin. Once you fire up that tool it will show you all your disks and that 12 gig of unpartioned hard drive space. You then can select all of that 12 gigs andmake it one big partion or chop it up into smaller pieces how ever you like. Once you partion the space the way you like, you then can select that partion and either Format it with FAT or NTFS. I personally recomend NTFS in all scenaraio's for the security factor.

Then when you use your explorer or my computer to see the space you will now.


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Apply NT sp5 >

by tomlingus46 In reply to Not able to see total dis ...

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