Not able to Uninstall the software from Control panel

By sbkhaan ·
How do uninstall a software other than Control panel & option Restore.

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Not able to uninstall..

by runny21 In reply to Not able to Uninstall the ...

can you please illustrate the error that you are getting when you are trying to uninstall the software from control panel.

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Option (Remove)for Perticular Software is disabled.

by sbkhaan In reply to Not able to uninstall..

Option (Remove)for Perticular Software is disabled.If I try Removing other soft's, working fine.

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Removing software

by Jarrett_Faulk In reply to Not able to Uninstall the ...

usually when i am unable to remove software from the control panel i do the following.

start with task manager and stop and process that is related to the software. then go to windows explorer and remove every folder related to the software taht you can find. check all profiles, program files folder and windows file folder.

Then search the registry for the software and remove every key that is related. ...BE VERY CAREFUL DOING THIS... you can really hose up you system if you delete the wrong keys.


once this is completed reboot your computer and when you back to control panel and attempt to remove the software it will display an error saying "this software appears to have been removed already do you want to remove it from this list" and when you click yes it goes away.

good luck.

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Try MoveOnBoot

by Jacky Howe In reply to Not able to Uninstall the ...

Download and install CCleaner to tidy up your Registry. Backup the Registry as you go along, rescan again and again saving as you go until there are no errors left.

Cleaner: Windows

When you first open Ccleaner you will have an option to Analyze or Run Cleaner, after checking the left Pane and making your choices. Delete all Temp Files. If you scroll down you will see a greyed out box that has Advanced next to it. Left click on it and keep pressing OK to all of the responses. I normally Untick Windows Log Files and Memory Dumps as they may come in handy.

You don't have to install all of the add ons or shortcuts just the one to the Desktop.

See how you go with this and let us know how you get on.

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re:Not able to Uninstall the software from Control panel

by toy_soldier40 In reply to Not able to Uninstall the ...
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is there an

by Sue T In reply to Not able to Uninstall the ...

uninstall option in that software's menu? For some programs if you put the CD in and it sees that the program is already installed there will be an option to uninstall it. Have you looked on that company's website to see if they have something about uninstalling their program from your computer?

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Its an driver, Iam Trying to reinstall the Audio drver

by sbkhaan In reply to is there an

Its an driver, Iam Trying to reinstall the Audio driver for HP 2280MT, But Im Not able to do that.I checked There is no tool from HP for this.

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Cannot uninstall.

by runny21 In reply to Its an driver, Iam Trying ...

PLease follow this:

This solution requires registry modification. So becareful not to change anything else.

1. Go to Start > Run

2. Type regedit and click OK

3. Navigate to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{Program Name}
Note that as the {program name} may be a CLSID, you may need to search for the product name (e.g. ?firefox?, using what you saw in Add/Remove) to locate the correct entry.

4. If you see NoRemove with the data 0?00000001 (1), that means the remove button will be unavailable. If you also see NoModify with the data 0?00000001 (1), that means the change button will be unavailable

5. Simply double click on the NoRemove or NoModify name and change the value data to 0 (number zero). If Add or Remove Programs is open, close it and reopen again. The Change/Remove button should now appear.

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Hardware Manager is your friend

by TNT@support In reply to Its an driver, Iam Trying ...

If you are using Windows go to the hardware manager, right-click the device whose driver you want to remove, and chose Properties. In the properties you will find an option to remove the driver, roll back the driver to a previous version, or install a new driver.

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