Not allowing a user to change which printer is default

By edward_roche ·
Good Afternoon All

We are a school district with several laptop carts in our high school. These laptops have several printers installed on them. My question is would it be possible to not allow users to change which printer is the default? We are running windows xp sp2 and windows 2003 R2 server. Any help would be great!


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Try This...

by Stizzed In reply to Not allowing a user to ch ...


Here is something to try. Know that I have not tested this but it should work:

The registry key which holds the default printer is:
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows] "Device"

If you use regedt32 to remove the users authority to change this key then they should not be able to change the default printer.

Now of course, depending upon how your users login to this machine they may have admin authority and you may have to deny access instead of just removing it, or you may have to set the default printer in the same [HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT] key and lock it down if many different users login to the laptops.

Hopefully this will give you some ideas for securing the printer setting.

Have a great day!

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Set Permissions

by edward_roche In reply to Try This...


Thank you for your answer but I have one questions...

I tried to set them on the device entry but can only do it on the windows folder. Will this effect anything I should be aware of?


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Perhaps, depends...

by Stizzed In reply to Set Permissions

The only entry I see there that looks like you might have trouble with is 'load'. This is another 'startup' entry and starts programs when the referenced user logs in.

I would guess that so long as you don't allow your users to install applications you should be ok. In fact, this registry entry is often a haven for spyware and other PUPs to get their start. Just do not lock out local administrator and you should be able to easily recover from any issues. Remember, I have not tried this myself and simply see it as a possible solution. Something to try...

Let me know how it works for you!

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by edward_roche In reply to Perhaps, depends...

Great...I will try that on Monday and let you now I make out.


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