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Not conflicted at all....

By Fairbs ·
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Hey Tbmay

by Fairbs In reply to Not conflicted at all....

I've really enjoyed your discussions here and taking on Adornoe. I can't say I feel (or think) exactly as you do, but there are similarities. Not sure about Adornoe. He (she) doesn't seem to be able to discuss without belittling the other person.

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Hey...and thanks

by tbmay In reply to Hey Tbmay

People don't have to think and feel the same to be civilized. Gosh...the woman I'm married to doesn't agree with me about everything either, but that doesn't devolve in to name calling and belittling. Adornoe is an idealogue, as best as I can tell. I definitely understand wanting a free market, because, as I said, people can't really be free with Government forces telling them what to buy and sell, or assigning a value. But he and I do not agree on the issue of protecting a middle class.

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